MOB6100 Strategy

MSEL Course

3 CreditsThe goal of this course is to develop knowledge and skills needed to understand and evaluate a firm's strategy as an analyst, recommend future strategic actions as a consultant, and manage the strategic direction of a firm as a manager. By the end of the course, students will: become familiar with the analytical tools used to perform dynamic industry analyses; discover how competitors' different competitive positionings respond to, and build on, industry structures; understand the nature of competitive dynamics in an industry; discover the link between competitive positioning, internal capabilities, and business model development; understand the specificities of competing in a variety of industries and countries simultaneously; and develop the ability to search for, identify, and research diverse strategic issues, challenges and opportunities, and to design and develop innovative solutions. An important part of the course is devoted to a real-life consulting project, in which students work as a team to develop a strategic recommendation for a partner firm.

  • Program: Graduate
  • Division: Management
  • Course Number: STR6100
  • Number of Credits: 3