Managerial Accounting

ACC2002 Managerial Accounting

4 Credits

This course is equivalent to SME2001. Students who took SME2001 cannot take this course.

Managerial Accounting builds on knowledge acquired in Financial Accounting. The objective of the course is to help students develop the skillset needed to identify, measure and analyze relevant information for making strategically appropriate decisions in the pursuit of superior financial performance. This skillset is critical for all entrepreneurs and business managers.

The course explores how costs are measured and viewed, how costs relate to revenues, and how both costs and revenues will react to proposed business actions. The course covers of a variety of topics related to the measurement of operational results, including how measurement can motivate appropriate business behavior. It challenges students to use their newly acquired skills to evaluate the design and measurement of business operations, to select beneficial tactical actions, and to make strategic business decisions.

Prerequisites: ACC 1000

  • Program: Undergraduate
  • Division: Accounting and Law
  • Level: Intermediate Management (UGrad)
  • Course Number: ACC2002
  • Number of Credits: 4