Racial Identity And Racism At Work: A Us Context

MOB3585 Racial Identity and Racism at Work: a US Context
4 Advanced Management Credits

This course provides numerous opportunities to explore your personal and social identity. You will delve into materials that expose you to protagonists, contexts and issues from multiple racial and cultural perspectives. Further, you will engage in activities designed to help you become more culturally competent. This is a rare opportunity to learn about racial, ethnic and cultural diversity in connection with gaining great insight into your own identity. The course is designed in three phases; you will: 1) explore race and racism; 2) examine the convergence of life domains and lived racial experiences; and, 3) investigate how race and racism intersect with lived experiences to influence privilege/bias, authenticity and professionalism in the workplace.


This course facilitates the accomplishment of several learning objectives, by increasing student capacity to:

1. Brainstorm, analyze and communicate key ideas to others, in written and oral formats.

2. Research and voice divergent perspectives on the same issue.

3. Explore personal and social identities, including surfacing possible blind spots and biases, and privileges as it relates to race, ethnicity and culture.

4. Analyze issues you might not often confront given the unique and diverse perspectives represented in the course.

5. Improve writing and public speaking skills while developing a competency to analyze divergent opinions and articulate opinions that are supported by fact.

Keywords: Race, Racism, Diversity, Identity, Intersectionality, Culture, Divergent viewpoints

Prerequisites: FME and FYS

  • Program: Undergraduate
  • Division: Management
  • Level: Advanced Elective (UGrad),Advanced Management (UGrad)
  • Course Number: MOB3585
  • Number of Credits: 4