Social Media Etiquette For Bus Professio

SEN1305 Social Media Etiquette for Business Professionalism(Senior Instructor: Will Hallock) Due to the growing ability to connect with others via social media, individuals' online behavior is becoming increasingly important in the professional setting. Whether during the job search or in everyday communication, social media etiquette is an essential skill for success. This course incorporates a combination of theory (through scholarly articles and publications) and application (through frequent class activities such as practice professional emails, social network profile assessments, and mock social media networking activities), with a heavier emphasis on the latter portion.

Course Schedule:
Friday, January 31 - Effective Email Communication
Friday, February 7 - Using LinkedIn to Highlight Your Skillset
Friday, February 14 - Developing Your Professional Brand on Twitter
Friday, February 21 - Building Your Network on Facebook
Friday, February 28 - Professional Presentation Strategy
Friday, March 7 - Showcase of all Senior-Led Seminars

  • Program: Undergraduate
  • Division: Other
  • Course Number: SEN1305
  • Number of Credits: 0