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Alexandra Vivelo

  • Adjunct Lecturer
Academic Division: Mathematics, Analytics, Science, and Technology
Sasha Vivelo received their PhD in biology from Boston University in 2021. Because fungi cycle up to three times more carbon than humans do annually, fungal ecology is a crucial piece of the global climate puzzle. However, we currently have limited understanding of what drives fungal activity. Sasha's research aims to link fungal decomposers' biology to their evolutionary history so we can better understand what drives fungal community assembly during fungal decomposer succession. Sasha is also a novelist and short story author whose fiction speculates on humanity's future in a changing climate.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, Boston University
  • Biogeoscience Graduate Certificate, Boston University
  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing, Boston University
  • MS, California State University
  • MA, California State University
  • BA, Columbia College


Journal Articles

  • Vivelo, A., Bhatnagar, J.M. (2019). An evolutionary signal to fungal succession during plant litter decay. FEMS Microbiology Ecology.


  • Vivelo, A. (2021). The patterns and drivers of fungal decomposer succession. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.


  • Fast fungi and chitin cannibals: growth rate and enzymes help structure decomposer succession Vivelo, A. Biogeoscience Symposium, Boston, MA (2020)
  • The genomic signature to fungal decomposer succession Vivelo, A. MassMyco, Cambridge, MA (2018)
  • The genomic signature to fungal decomposer succession Vivelo, A. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA (2018)
  • Fungal succession during leaf litter decay has deep evolutionary roots: a meta-analysis Vivelo, A. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR (2017)
  • The fungal role in carbon cycling and climate Vivelo, A. Tiny Great Outdoors Festival, Somerville, MA (2017)
  • Meta-analysis of fungal succession during plant litter decay Vivelo, A. Microbiome Symposium, Boston, MA (2017)
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Professional Memberships

  • Mycological Society of America (2016 - 2021)
  • American Association of the Advancement of Science (2015 - 2021)