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Online Open Enrollment

Online Offerings

Online Offerings

Babson Executive Education is offering a series of online programs and complimentary webinars to help professionals navigate today’s uncertainty and differentiate their personal and company brands for what comes next.

Special discount available for Babson undergraduate or graduate alumni, current Babson graduate students, and parents of current Babson students and alumni. Please contact Dayle Lipsky at or +1-781-239-3915.

Online Programs

Innovation and Growth Post-Crisis | Start Date: June 2

Innovative firms and entrepreneurial leaders become resourceful and overcome daunting challenges during downturns. They do more than just survive—they create something new, and thrive in the inevitable turnaround. This program will help leaders enhance their innovation efforts to change their competitive game in the market—short and long term—by learning innovation principles, methods, and tools. Learn More »

Conscious Leadership: Leading with Authenticity and Purpose | Start Date: June 9

Now, more than ever, companies need leaders who are inclusive and team-oriented. Effective leaders must inspire positive transformation, bringing out the best in those around them. Learn how to adapt your approach to leadership, bringing it into harmony with the evolving requirements for effective, purposeful leadership in today’s world. Learn More »

Resilient Leadership | Start Date: June 25

Finding resilience as a leader has never been more critical. Learn how to find resilience, what recent research has taught us about developing greater resilience as an entrepreneurial leader, and how to build resilience within your team. Learn More »

Complimentary Webinars

Resilient Leadership | Live Webinar: Thursday, June 4, 12–12:45 p.m. EDT 

Uncertainty is a big part of life, now more than ever. When careers and current events take unpredictable turns, it’s important to meet the moment with grit and flexibility. We call this resilience, and it’s what keeps us moving forward even though our work and personal lives are colliding in new ways, and the future is unknown. This short webinar will guide you in exploring how you find resilience and how defining resilience can direct our efforts to cultivate resilience when we need it most. REGISTER for Live Webinar »

Building Your Professional Brand 

Too often individuals put the ownership of their career in the hands of others; their bosses, mentors, or companies. In an age when the average shelf life of a skill is less than five years, technology is changing at an extraordinary pace, and new business models are erupting regularly, everyone must take charge of their own professional trajectory. In this webinar, Karen Hebert-Maccaro, CEO of Babson Executive Education, explores the keys to developing a personal brand and career path that helps you achieve your professional goals. Watch Webinar Replay >>

Entrepreneurial Leadership in a Volatile World 

The world is embarking on a new era and needs a different type of leadership—entrepreneurial leadership. Entrepreneurial leaders go beyond being just strong risk managers. In this webinar, Professor Jay Rao shows you how entrepreneurial leaders think and act to navigate uncertain environments and explore ambiguous terrains. Watch Webinar Replay >>

How to Identify Opportunities in a Crisis 

Even the most thoughtful plans and strategies must shift in crisis scenarios. Entrepreneurial leaders know that rather than be set back by these challenges, they can be converted into new opportunities. In this webinar, Professor Phil Kim discusses strategies for actively identifying opportunities in a crisis. Watch Webinar Replay »

How Crises Fuel Creativity and Innovation 

What is common to Uber, Venmo, Beyond Meat, Alibaba Cloud, Warby Parker, and Pinterest? They were all born in the two years following the 2008 global financial crisis. Crises and economic downturns are fertile grounds for creativity and innovation. Innovative firms and entrepreneurial leaders become resourceful and overcome daunting challenges during downturns to not just survive but to thrive. In this webinar, Professor Jay Rao shows you how to help change your company’s competitive game in the marketshort- and long-termWatch Webinar Replay »

Conscious Leadership

Conscious leaders are driven by service to the purpose of the business, and care deeply about the well-being of all the people impacted by the business. In this webinar, Professor Rajendra Sisodia covers the essential qualities of conscious leadership and how you can cultivate those as a leader. Watch Webinar Replay »


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