The primary mission of the Institutional Research Office is to support and inform the strategic planning and decision-making of members of the President's Cabinet and senior level administrators. Through the creation and implementation of a dynamic institutional research agenda, the office seeks to translate data into information and to offer policy relevant recommendations for action.

The research agenda includes a systematic program of undergraduate and graduate research studies based primarily on analyses of results from surveys of accepted students, current students, alumni, parents, and recruiters.  Reports from these studies are listed in the Report section of the website.   

Activities of the Institutional Research Office are designed to achieve the following goals:
  • to enhance Babson's undergraduate and graduate program planning through policy relevant institutional research studies;
  • to promote the utilization of institutional research for strategic planning;
  • to provide support and consultation to members of the Babson College community;
  • and to complete institutional reports and coordinate and disseminate peer group data.


Anne Marie Delaney, Director
Anne Marie can be reached at​ or 781-239-6481.

Nicholas Tomarello, Research Technology Specialist