Fall 2021 Teams

Meet the Fall 2021 WIN Lab Entrepreneurs!

Rachel Azaroff - 312 Society
312 Society Logo - Rachel Azaroff

312 Society

Rachel Azaroff
312 Society is the marketplace for remote workers to design their lifestyle and build community.

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Stefanie Belnavis - A Bucket For The Well
ABFTW - Logo

A Bucket For The Well

Stefanie Belnavis
A Bucket for the Well LLC; an embodied healing collaborative centering body liberation and storytelling through creative, perinatal, kinesthetic, and conscious wellness for birthing families of color.

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Susana Sierra - BH Compliance
BH Compliance Logo

BH Compliance

Susana Sierra
BH Compliance leads the monitoring of compliance programs by tracking the activities of companies with operations in Latin America, to detect and report any fraudulent or corrupt activity. BH Compliance helps create a Compliance culture through continuous monitoring, auditing, and aligning the company's policies with the highest compliance standards to prevent future business risks.

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Claytisha Walden - Collegiate Prep International Academy
Collegiate Prep International Academy Logo

Collegiate Prep International Academy

Claytisha Walden
Collegiate Preparatory International Academy is the U.S. first online school district exclusively offering a virtual, rigorous collegiate preparatory curriculum with a focus on the tenets of Leadership, Achievement, and Service/Social Justice. The mission of Collegiate Preparatory International Academy is to provide a unique, customized virtual learning experience for students PK – 12.

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Olivia Croom - Dancing Zebras
Dancing Zebras Logo

Dancing Zebras

Olivia Croom
Dancing Zebras is an all-natural, kids flavored water with zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners.

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Ceylan Rowe


Ceylan Rowe MBA '22
FIHRI Inc. is a period product company for the new generation of menstruators and a leader in the fight for menstrual equity. Driven by social and environmental justice, we are working to eliminate the inequalities that menstruators face in school and in the world.

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Alexandra Lazares - Glendi
Glendi Logo


Alexandra Lazares
Glendi is a Mediterranean health and wellness brand with a mission to help people lead healthier, happier lives through the Mediterranean lifestyle. We offer in-person and live virtual workout classes where Mediterranean party vibes meet fitness for a fun, 45-minute workout. Our classes combine dance cardio and agility training set to cool music that transports you to a beachside club in Mykonos.

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Monita Sun - Happy Tummy Asia
Happy Tummy Asia Logo

Happy Tummy Asia

Monita Sun 
Happy Tummy Asia is making healthy, authentic Asian favorite dishes accessible to those with dietary restrictions or a healthy focus. With our healthy, allergen-friendly Asian dishes, delivered in an easy-to-reheat format, Happy Tummy is bringing healthy Asian favorites to the top of the menu.

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Eliza Ferrel - Joy Street Kids
JoyStreet Logo

Joy Street Kids

Eliza Ferrel
Joy Street Kids is a baby and toddler clothing company offering classic and understated prints to sports hometown pride. 

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Jyotsna Mehta - Keva Health
Keva Health Logo

Keva Health

Jyotsna Mehta
Keva Health is a digital remote care company focused on patients with respiratory illnesses like Asthma & COPD. Keva is integrating an innovative evidence-based SaaS platform for remote and self-monitoring programs for patients to improve outcomes and reduce cost.

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Claudia Monteverde - La Moneda Centro de Capacitación
La Moneda_v2 Logo

La Moneda 

Claudia Monteverde MBA '22
La Moneda is a business partner for online and onsite employee training. It has more than 14 years based in Peru and has been positioned in the market as a conference venue, offering meeting rooms and catering services for companies that want to train their employees. Now, La Moneda provides online logistics by customizing a platform and tech support for their client's online training.

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Ana Maria Nungo - Language Amigo
Language Amigo Logo

Language Amigo

Ana María Ñungo
Language Amigo offers 1:1 video calls to connect students of Spanish or “Learners” with native speakers or “Amigos.” They partner with language professors who use them as the language practice and cultural immersion components of the class. Language Amigo is also a social enterprise that provides economic and professional opportunities to underserved youth in LATAM.

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Founders - Learn Grant Writing
Learn Grant Writing

Learn Grant Writing

Meredith Noble & Alexandra Lustig
Learn Grant Writing guides those looking for a meaningful, flexible career in building a six-figure grant writing consulting business without any prior experience in grant writing or business. Transformation is delivered through the Grant Writing Unicorn Collective, an annual membership including an online course, community group, and coaching calls.

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Jacky Lamenzo - Lemon House Publishing

Lemon House Publishing

Jacky Lamenzo
Lemon House Publishing strives to help young writers build confidence by guiding them through the process of writing and publishing their own children’s books.

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Marcela B - Modern Couples
Modern Couples Logo

Modern Couples

Marcella Anna Brebaum MS '12
Modern Couples is an online coaching business for purpose and growth-oriented couples seeking personal development and improving relationship skills. A particular focus group is couples that are also entrepreneurs and founders, focusing on their unique challenges and opportunities as business and private life mix. The online platform offers individual coaching, online classes, and workshops.

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Michelle Keefe - MomUp
MomUp Logo


Michelle Keefe
MomUp is a unique talent acquisition company specializing in part-time and full-time roles. MomUp provides an alternative source of talent for businesses looking for competitive hiring options to support growth and diversity goals. Their business model enables companies to efficiently build a leadership candidate pipeline of high-achieving women.

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Katelin Kohl - pigEbank
pigEbank logo


Katelin Kohl MSEL ’21
pigEbank is a self-service kiosk that reduces the cost of cash for retailers by incentivizing cash users to convert their hard currency into digital currency. pigEbank promotes this cash to digital conversion by providing loyalty incentives to the cash users such as 3% additional funds.

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Donna Childs - Prisere
Prisere Logo


Donna Childs
Prisere builds capacity for climate and disaster resilience with improved risk tools, including risk communications, risk mapping, and software apps, training, and technical advisory services. We provide the risk mapping and risk modeling tools essential to ensure resilience as a changing climate renders existing ones obsolete.

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Shreya Dhingra - Realm

Realm LogoRealm

Shreya Dhingra MBA '20
E-commerce company selling Home Furnishing, Home Textiles, Floor Covering products to customers who are on a budget but looking for a quick home decoration one-stop solution.

Rossanna Ceccato - RedRess
ReDress Logo


Rossanna Ceccato
Redress is a digital marketplace where users exchange their used wardrobes. When users send us their pieces, they validate their quality and assign points to each garment. These points can then be redeemed for pieces displayed on the platform. Redress allows for immediate exchanges without the need to wait for another user to make a swap, thanks to a curated inventory supplied by its own users.

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Nathalya Mamane - RT Microfluids
Blank Square 370x370

RT Microfluidics

Nathalya Mamane MBA’21
RST, the first product at RT Microfluidics, is a consumer medical diagnostic device that tests for Strep A causing bacteria found in saliva. The device combines microfluidic DNA amplification with lateral flow assay detection for an easy consumer product that can be used by consumers at home.

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Stephanie Boutin - SafeRecipes
SafeRecipes Logo


Stephanie Boutin
SafeRecipes is a powerful search engine optimized for accurate allergen screening. Anyone can share recipes, and SafeRecipes determines whether they are safe for you.

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Cindy Escobar Tecun - Semillas Society
Semillas Society Logo

Semillas Society

Cindy Escobar Tecun '23
Semillas Society is the ultimate online and IRL (in real life) resource hub for first-generation low-income students. Resources and events focus on Financial Literacy, Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship.

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Shahini Fakhourie
logo - Shahini Fakhourie

Shahini Fakhourie

Shahini Fakhourie
Sustainable streetwear design brand.

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Karys Rodríguez - Sir Cadian
Sir Cadian Logo

Sir Cadian

Karys Rodriguez
Sir Cadian is a D2C men’s premium sleepwear brand looking to bring style and comfort back to bed. Sir Cadian makes modern, tailored silhouettes that can work as sleepwear, loungewear, and daywear alike. From ultra-breathable and super soft-plant-based fabrics to flatlock stitching in sensitive areas, all elements that place design, comfort, and sustainability as its core pillars.

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Maeve Rabbitt
Blank Square 370x370

Sustainably Mauve

Maeve Rabbitt MSEL '21
Sustainably Mauve, a Fashion Company that redefines what it means to be truly sustainable by making standout garments from 100% biodegradable materials At MAUVE we define sustainability as “being in sync with the cycle of nature”, so we are making garments not only unique in design, but with the goal of raising the standard of sustainability in fashion.

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Dianne P - Swag Custom Interiors
Swag Custom Interiors Logo

Swag Custom Interiors

Dianne Poulos MBA '95
Swag Custom Interiors is a luxury home furnishings company. Specializing in automation and smart home integration, Swag offers a broad range of products. These include shades and blinds sourced from high-end third parties as well as custom-sewn home decor items. Swag’s commitment to impeccable customer service delights new and returning clients.

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Sandra Portal-Andreu - Tappas
Tappas Logo


Sandra Portal-Andreu
tappas™ is an aesthetically designed and sustainably conscious container. Inspired by movement, function, and design, tappas holds and displays your delicious bites. For everyday use to intimate gatherings, tappas is a statement, a conversation starter, and a modern piece for your home decor. Created in Miami by Artist and Mother of two, tappas has one goal in mind: bringing people to the table.

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Sree Poorvika - Dasari
VADATI Logo - Sree P


Sree Poorvika Dasari '23
Reinventing the way you present, VADATI allows you to see your audience before your big day using virtual reality technology and an advanced heart rate analysis algorithm to provide accurate feedback.

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Arianne Argi - WelloBaby
WelloBaby Logo

Wello Baby

Arianne Polonsky '16
Wello Baby is an online learning platform offering comprehensive and complete manuals to prepare, guide, and support parents throughout their parenting journey. Wello Baby's complete guides combines and focuses on sleep, nutrition, behavior, development, communication and safety. The company is dedicated to providing parents with emotional, mental, and physical support.

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Sara Ferrer - Zoey Koko
Zoey Koko Logo

Zoey Koko

Sara Ferrer '08
Zoey Koko is a bath, body, and accessory line for young girls and tweens, that builds confidence, boosts creativity, and inspires imagination through self-care. All of our bath and body products are Made in the USA and use the highest quality, most gentle ingredients on the market. We strive to empower girls everywhere by donating a percentage of every sale to the Big Sister Association.

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