2023 Impact Day

Diana Impact Day

2023 Diana International Research Institute Impact Day

The Diana International Research Institute Impact Day is a global convening of investors, educators, policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders dedicated to changing the landscape of financing and support for women entrepreneurs. Join more than 200 other action-oriented stakeholders at the culmination of the annual Diana International Research Conference to collectively explore practical solutions, develop best practices, and generate needed policy solutions to leverage one of the largest economic opportunities of our time.

We expect three outcomes:

  • A convening of partners in women-focused entrepreneurship to discuss best practices, future research directions and implications for policy and practice
  • Ideas in Motion—connecting stakeholders through interactive activities aimed at generating and sharing innovative ideas
  • A report summarizing the 2023 Diana International Research Conference findings on the diversity of women entrepreneurs, their challenges and opportunities

The Diana International Research Institute (DIRI) is the premier global research institute dedicated to being the source of all research, policy, practitioner, and educator information for women’s entrepreneurship. By supporting and connecting a worldwide community of scholars, we bring together the brightest minds conducting, translating, and disseminating rigorous research about women’s entrepreneurship that can directly impact teaching, policy, and practice.

Information about the 2019 Impact Day and Report can be found here.