Joanna Berwind

Disruptor in Residence, Babson College

Joanna Berwind Profile Picture

Joanna E. Berwind
Owner, Berwind Corporation
Director, Spring Point Partners LLC
Founder, The HIVE at Spring Point

As a business leader, mother of three and champion for strengths-based youth development, Joanna Berwind is tenacious in her commitment to empowering our nation’s youth. As co-chair of Berwind Corporation and along with her siblings, Joanna guides the successful growth and evolution of Berwind Corporation, a fifth-generation, family-owned investment management company which oversee several billion dollars of family assets. Together with her siblings, Joanna also established Spring Point Partners LLC (SPP). SPP is a social impact venture committed to accelerating progress in areas of longstanding interest and support, including strengths-based youth development, animal welfare, sustainable water, and learning innovations. Founding The HIVE at Spring Point, Joanna builds on her strong belief in the promise of our nation’s youth and applies her graduate studies in social work to support leading organizations in the strengths-based youth development field. Through her efforts, Joanna works with young people and organizations to support youth in finding their voices, understanding their choices and creating opportunities for their futures.