Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier Program

Undergraduate Students Pathway

The Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier engages entrepreneurial families during their students’ entire Babson experience.  This immersive experience fosters the growth of the family’s entrepreneurial legacy by co-creating a shared family vision that incorporates the next generation.

Amplifier students complete the following:

  1. Join the Family Entrepreneurial Leadership (FEL) Program
  2. A Parent involved in Babson’s Family Entrepreneurship network (attend events, FEL)
  3. Take at least 1 course/co-curricular:
    • Entrepreneurial Families EPS 3551 
    • Foundations of Family Entrepreneurship EPS 7556 
    • Critical Questions Facing Business Families EPS 9551 
    • Family Business to Next Stage of Growth EPS 9553
    • Transformative Family Business Leadership (co-curricular)