Impact Unplugged

Join us for this Uncommon Table series on service, sustainability, and social innovation.

Sustainable, positive social impact can occur through a wide spectrum of activities. Individuals must first decide what problem they want to solve, and then determine how they can best influence the greatest change. How can you bring an entrepreneurial mindset and social design thinking to more effectively address the UN Global Goals, like poverty, climate action, and inequality?

Impact Unplugged provides a space to share insights that lead to action. This spring, the conversations are organized and moderated by students engaged with Babson's Service & Justice Programs: Spencer Stewart, Daniel Deng, and Madeline Lambert-Hoffstot. They occur on alternating Mondays and Fridays.

As with all of our Uncommon Table conversations, come when you can, stay as long as you’d like.
All are welcome. 

Spring 2021 Schedule


Previous Impact Unplugged Sessions

Spring 2021:

  • April 16: The Future of Agriculture: Agritech and Forseen Crop Crisis
  • April 5: Sustainability in Startups with Ravish Majithia MBA'18, Founder & CEO of Magnomer and Sumeit Aggarwal MBA'05, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Finhive
  • March 26: Innovations in Urban Design with Naksha Satish, an urban designer and urban practitioner studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • March 15: Investing in Sustainabilitywith Steve Distante, Chairman and Founder of Vanderbilt Financial Group and Founder of Impact
  • March 5: The American Healthcare System Under COVID, How has the pandemic deepened America's healthcare system crisis and highlighted existing inequalities?
  • February 22: Politics and Sustainability with Maria Gunnoe, Executive Director of Mother Jones Community Foundation, Environmentalist and Winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize
  • February 12: Innovative Breakthroughs in Housing, How are entrepreneurs using innovation to solve housing challenges?
  • February 1: Inequalities in Education, How does educational inequality affect the future of communities?

Fall 2020:

  • November 20: Understanding the Global Goals with Cheryl Kiser and Emily Weiner, The Lewis Institute
  • November 13: Adapting to Climate Change with Camille Manning-Broome, president and CEO of the Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX)
  • November 6: B Corps with Ty Thiele MBA’17, CEO and Founder of Andorra
  • October 30: Circular Economy with Ravish Majithia MBA’18, CEO and founder of Magnomer
  • October 23: Inclusive Prosperity with Elmer Moore, executive director of Scale Up Milwaukee and founder of Milwaukee Denim
  • October 16: Demystifying the Social Sector with Rick Yngve, Lewis Institute Senior Fellow in Social Innovation
  • October 9: Qualities of a Changemaker with Daquan Oliver’14, CEO and founder of WeThrive
  • October 2: Careers with Impact, with Dave Stangis, Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Jessica Student, CMO of Net Impact
  • September 25: Cities Reimagined, with Alex Johnston, founder of Cities Reimagined
  • September 18: Creating a Movement, with Mike “Ambassador” Bruny, a Babson employee, alumnus, and founder of No More Reasonable Doubt
  • September 11: The Art of Reflection, with Professor Kerry Gibson, an expert in workplace relationships and relational identity
  • September 4: What is Social Impact?, How can you use the framework of the UN Global Goals to take action and create social impact right now? 

Spring 2020:

  • June 24: Questioning Justice, with Cheryl Kiser, The Lewis Institute
  • June 17: A Conversation on Unapologetic Leadership in Times of Social Crisis, with Karen Proctor, Lewis Institute Senior Fellow in Social Innovation
  • June 10: The Language of Change, with Deborah Leipziger, Lewis Institute Senior Fellow in Social Innovation
  • June 3: Investing in the Global Goals, with Alison Smith, Managing Director of Cornerstone Capital Group
  • May 27: The Individual Donor’s Edge, with Katie Smith Milway, Principal of Milway Consulting and Lewis Institute Senior Fellow in Social Innovation
  • May 20: Quantifying Purpose, with Professor Brigitte Muehlmann and Chris Lloyd, Lewis Institute Senior Fellow in Social Innovation
  • May 13: Giving Voice to Values, with Mary Gentile, Lewis Institute Senior Fellow in Social Innovation
  • April 29: Leading Nonprofits During Crisis, with Pam Martin, Lewis Institute Senior Fellow in Social Innovation
  • April 22: Amplified Crisis, with Karen Proctor, Lewis Institute Senior Fellow in Social Innovation
  • April 15: Regenerative & Resilient, with Carol Sanford, Lewis Institute Senior Fellow in Social Innovation
  • April 8: 10 SDGs, 10 Years, with Zaid Hassan, Lewis Institute Senior Fellow in Social Innovation
  • April 1: Mobilizing with Empathy, with Erin Thornton and Mary Galeti,  Lewis Institute Senior Fellows in Social Innovation