Babson Health Entrepreneurial Leader Network: Substance Use Disorders (SUD)

Babson Health Entrepreneurial Leader Network: Substance Use Disorders (SUD)

The Babson Health Entrepreneurial Leader Network is a gathering hub for people innovating to reduce or eliminate drug misuse and drug addictions.

The Network seeks to foster connections in this commercialization ecosystem. This includes anyone who helps with advancing commercialization, regardless of their place in the ecosystem. This program is not intended for sales calls.

Develop meaningful, helpful connections.

With a curated network at your fingertips, you can request connections easily. Once the platform is launched, you can begin to request matches immediately. And once accepted by the recipient, you can reach out in real time via texting, or a call.

As a network member, you'll be invited to three networking events —our Linkup Lounge Meetups on July 15 (virtual), August 22 (in-person in Boston), and October 24 (virtual). At these events you'll have the opportunity to make matches and connections immediately. 

Because your time is precious and you have specific, immediate needs, you will ONLY be connected to those who are interested in discussing your background, expertise, and experience. If you are not selected for a meaningful conversation in our meetups, you will remain in the pool for others to find you.

No Cost to Par­tici­pants!

Join our network if you are …

An Innovator/Researcher

Let’s use our time wisely. Meet others who can immediately help your innovation make greater strides, faster. And if you’re looking to expand your team, consider diversifying your talent and resources with those from the Babson Health Entrepreneurial Leader Network. (Service providers and consultants will be available to meet but will only be matched if you select each other.)

An Entrepreneurial Leader

Are you a serial entrepreneur? Are you looking for another project to lead? Meet our latest cohort of innovators who are working right now on creating startups.

You all play a role in innovation. Join forces and be that pivotal person that helps launch a product to market. (Note: the Babson Health Entrepreneurial Leader Network is not designed for blind sales calls. You will only be matched with Innovators who select to meet with you.)

The Babson Health Entrepreneurial Leader Network welcomes:

  • Professionals with functional expertise such as business development, marketing, sales, human resources, finance, product development, protecting intellectual property, licensing
  • Professionals with reimbursement, regulatory backgrounds
  • Investors seeking new opportunities

2024 Linkup Lounge Meetups

Date Time (ET) Location
July 15 4-5 p.m. Virtual
August 22 6-8 p.m. In-person: Boston, MA
October 24 3-4 p.m. Virtual

Program Facilitators

Wiljeana Jackson Glover, Founding Faculty Director

Wiljeana Jackson Glover

Co-principal Investigator and Co-director

Robert Schultz, Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship Division

Rob Schultz

Program Lead

Ganesan Shankar, Advanced Education

Shankar Ganesan

Database Development Lead

Madeline Kneeland, Assistant Professor, Management Division

Madeline Kneeland


Michele Bernier, Associate Director, Programs

Michele Bernier

Program Manager

Can I use the Babson Health Entrepreneurial Leader Network to sell my services?

The Babson Health Entrepreneurial Leader Network is not designed for selling services. In order for a match to be made, both sides must agree to the match.

Is there a fee to join?

No, there is no fee to join.

What if I do not get selected for a networking event?

In order to make the best use of everyone’s time, you will be matched with only those who have expressed an interest in meeting you. If you do not get selected for a match, you will remain in the pool, and your profile will continue to be available for matches in the future.

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