About the Summer Venture Program

The Summer Venture Program is a 10-week intensive experience. The program focuses on three core areas: accelerating business ventures, building entrepreneurial skills, and providing resources & tools.

We provide foundational support, knowledge, and content. We do this through a variety of session formats including workshops led by experts and founder conversations. Each week builds upon the preceding weeks, giving you a basis across key business topics. 

Actionable, "just in time" feedback is a critical part of the entrepreneurial journey. We pair each venture with an experienced advisor, who works with them 1:1, serves as a sounding board, and helps each venture to set and reach goals. We also provide extensive pitch feedback through our signature Hot Seat pitch practice sessions. The spirit behind all feedback given is challenging but constructive. 

We not only develop the ventures who participate in SVP: We also seek to develop the individuals in the cohort as entrepreneurs and leaders. Our approach is community-driven and is based in an ethos of "getting AND giving help." We support each other, share our skills and expertise, and hold each other accountable.

Key 2024 Dates

  • Application open Monday, February 12 
  • Info session on Wednesday, February 21 at 12 p.m. ET 
  • Application deadline Friday, March 15 at 11 a.m. ET. (morning) 
  • Interview notifications Monday, March 25 
  • Interviews, by invitation only, Friday, March 29 and Monday, April 1
  • Acceptance notifications Friday, April 5
  • Residence hall move-in date Sunday, May 12 
  • Program start date on Tuesday, May 14  
  • Program end date on Thursday, July 25 
  • Summer Venture Showcase Thursday, July 25 
  • Residence hall move-out date Saturday, July 27 

Link for the Summer Venture Program Info Session recording

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of the Summer Venture Program? 

  • World-class programming, including workshops, panel discussions, and talks, that leverages the resources of the Blank Center 
  • Dedicated advisors who work with you 1:1 
  • Entrepreneur community and an ethos of “giving and getting help” 
  • Access to a large network of industry experts and entrepreneurs and SVP alumni network 
  • Free co-working space at downtown Babson Boston 
  • Free housing on campus 
  • Zero equity taken 

What is unique about the Summer Venture Program? 

  • We are customer obsessed. We prioritize customer discovery and validation at every step of venture creation. 
  • We deliver customized coaching and resources to meet you where you are and to enhance your SVP experience. 
  • We care about your venture and you as an entrepreneur and as an individual.

How do you choose the teams? 

Preview application here. 

Teams are hand-chosen based on a written application, an in-person interview, and references from faculty or fellow students if requested. The selection criteria consist of four key aspects: 

  • Team—entrepreneurial potential, complementary skills, and commitment to the venture 
  • Business—demonstrated problem/solution fit, unique value proposition 
  • Stage—has developed minimum tangible product (earliest iteration of MVP), has roadmap to develop MVP, ability to make significant traction and hit key milestones during the summer 
  • Fit—ability to learn, eager to make the best use of SVP resources and contribute to the community 

How many teams will be accepted? 

Historically, we have accepted 15 teams. We remain flexible about the total number of teams but we do prioritize a robust 1:1 relationship between each team and its advisor and a strong sense of community amongst the cohort. 

Who is eligible to apply? 

Student applicants must meet the following requirements: 

  • Currently enrolled at Babson, Olin Engineering, or Wellesley College. 
  • In good disciplinary standing with Babson College, any of the colleges in the BOW Consortium, and the community. The Blank Center staff reserves the right to request information from the Office of Community Standards to confirm that this is the case and may disqualify any applicant who does not meet this requirement. 
  • Have a viable business concept that has potential to make significant progress during a 10 week summer intensive. 
  • Able to commit full time effort to their venture and the SVP community during the 10 weeks. Participants must be present for all core work hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 11:00-4:00 p.m. at the SVP Boston location. 
  • Able to attend all weekly meetings (team updates, workshops, Hot Seat, advisor meetings, and other sessions). 
  • Prepare for, and participate in, Summer Venture Showcase on Thursday, July 25 at the end of the program. 

What is required of my team when I am accepted? 

Upon acceptance, teams must sign and abide by:  

  • Our entrepreneur code of conduct. This code of conduct also confirms that the resources being provided are contingent upon the team's commitment to the SVP community and active, full-length participation in the program by the lead entrepreneur(s). The SVP Directors have the right to dismiss a team from the program at any time if the team is not meeting the requirements. 
  • Program release binding agreement 
  • Babson housing agreement 
  • Babson Boston space use agreement 

We expect that you will make a full-time commitment to the Summer Venture Program and to your venture. We also expect that you will show up, actively participate, demonstrate professionalism at all times, and be ready to get work done. Finally, we expect you take part in building community, “giving and getting” help, and having fun! 

Can I apply to/participate in the Summer Venture Program if I’m an international student? 

Engaging in employment (including self-employment and some entrepreneurial activities) without specific authorization is a serious violation of F-1 student/J-1 exchange visitor immigration status. While many entrepreneurial activities (such as research, feasibility studies, and business planning) are permissible, activities that directly result in income generation are not allowed without the proper authorization. Babson strongly advises all international students to seek independent professional legal advice from an attorney who practices immigration law exclusively (in addition to any other legal counsel) to avoid accidentally engaging in unlawful activities. Contact the Glavin Office of International Education for information about immigration attorneys and for work authorization guidelines. 


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