Doctoral Consortium Research Translation Showcase

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NEW THIS YEAR: The Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC), with generous support from The Kauffman Foundation, is tapping leading edge research conducted by an elite group of doctoral students from top universities around the world. These 26 students have participated in the 2020 BCERC Doctoral Consortium. 

We have published their practitioner translations that highlight important implications for entrepreneurs and others involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  These translations succinctly highlight key research findings and interpret what these findings mean for an entrepreneur starting or building their business.  Please enjoy their short 2-4 page articles with direct practitioner implications in the areas of Building and Managing the Entrepreneurial Team, Managing Stress and AnxietyRaising Capital & Strategies for Competing and Growing your Business.

Building and Managing the Entrepreneurial Team

Danny Chung, Western University, USA

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Summary: Given that there is no need for entrepreneurs to appeal to employers, do you really need to have a fancy background if you are planning to become an entrepreneur? This research finds that having a prestigious background provides benefits for entrepreneurs as it proves to be helpful in attracting talent, an important but often overlooked element in the entrepreneurial process.

Willy Das, Indian Institute of Management, Raipur, India

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Summary: Searching for a cofounder is difficult, and it is even more difficult to maintain the partnership. So what to look for while selecting a cofounder in order to keep conflict at bay and maintain a successful partnership? 

Jeanette Engzell, Uppsala University, Sweden

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Summary: Organizations need to consider and value their human capital with the same strategical mindset as they apply to their financial capital. The intrapreneurs are the masterminds in organizations and are crucial for the renewal and adaption to the changing business environment.


Laura Körner, University of Passau, Sweden

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Summary: The ownership split among founders is the first deal they close. Our analysis of 2,148 startups indicates that this decision has implications for your startup’s innovation paths.

Qinglin Liu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

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Summary: Pay attention to your employees who break rules for the right reason. They might be aspiring entrepreneurs.

Evy Van Lancker, Ghent University, Belgium

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Summary: Your first employees have a crucial role in growing your company as you build your start-up’s future together. Dedicating attention to your first employee means investing in your company’s future.

Eva Weissenböck, Technical University of Munich, Germany

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Summary: The psychology of equity splits and why an unequal split might be better for your team.


Strategies for Competing and Growing your Business

Fabian Diaz, Syracuse University, USA

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Summary: 90% of consumers use websites like Yelp to find local businesses. To increase profits, local business owners need to be specific, reassuring and build trust in online platforms.


Margo Enthoven, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

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Summary: Entrepreneurs who introduce new moral or sustainable products can face a lack of demand when they start. With these three tips they can reach out to consumers.

Kurian George, Syracuse University, USA

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Summary: The business ventures of resettled refugees in America do not perform as well as that of other immigrants early on, owing to the type of adversity refugees face. Surprisingly, certain aspects of the same adversity may also explain how refugee entrepreneurs are remarkably able to “catch-up” to other immigrant entrepreneurs over time.

Jaewoo Jung, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

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Summary: Saul sent David. When a firm is inferior to its competitors, a new strategy is required, and that strategy comes from the decision maker’s struggles to win.

Jung Hyun Kwon, University of Texas, Dallas, USA

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Summary: Entrepreneurs have sought patents to protect their core ideas and inventions and to access venture capital. However, entrepreneurs can also buy idle patents in markets for innovation to unlock new technological and business opportunity while reducing the need to reinvent the wheel.

Anna Long, Baylor University, USA

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Summary: Entrepreneurs create, introduce, and deliver new products and/or services by taking entrepreneurial action. This article share insight into how the variation of different types of entrepreneurial actions impact an entrepreneur’s journey, and subsequently facilitates an entrepreneur in achieving the goal of creating, introducing and delivering new product and/or service to the market.

Silvia Reyes, Ivey Business School, Canada

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Summary: It's time to put the location for your new business at the top of your to-do list. Locating in areas with higher innovative capacity, greater industrial diversity and areas that facilitate pivoting can play a fundamental role in the success of your business.

Laurence Rijssegem, Ghent University, Belgium

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Summary: Crowdsourcing isn’t about more, but about better ideas. Setting up formal screening procedures is the best way to get the most out of your crowdsourcing initiative.


Raising Capital

Mark Bolinger, Indiana University, USA

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Summary: Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic suggests that stakeholders may more readily comply with advice from female leaders compared to male leaders.  Female entrepreneurs may be able to apply these findings to activities that require stakeholder response (e.g., raising capital) by emphasizing characteristics such as warmth that stakeholders respond to. ​


Miranda Welbourne Eleazar, University of Texas, Dallas, USA

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Summary: Crises can mean the difference between survival and death of entrepreneurial ventures, with their effects exacerbated when venture capitalists abandon the ventures. Entrepreneurs can protect themselves from crisis by knowing what keeps venture capitalists committed after unforeseeable crisis strikes.

Thao Nguyen, Warwick Business School, UK

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Summary: Either self selecting yourself from the credit market or getting a rejection from the supplier severely impacts your business plan. You would want to be prepared for either the situation but you wonder if there is any independent service from the government's schemes and which one would be more suitable for you?

Clinton Purtell, Oklahoma State University, USA

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Summary: One of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs pursuing startups face is raising early stage funding from investors.  This research helps entrepreneurs improve their odds through the use of narrative transportation as they present their pitches.


Managing Stress and Anxiety

*Award Winner - Kauffman Foundation Award for Best Research Translation*

Lauren A. Zettel, University of Louisville, USA

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Summary: Can entrepreneurs successfully balance work- and family-life?  Research suggests that entrepreneurs’ venture progress is not significantly hindered by family-life responsibilities.

Ali Ahmed, Warwick Business School, UK

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Ali Ahmed

Summary: Entrepreneurship can develop the resilience of refugees in different ways depending on their past and current life conditions. Knowing this critical psychological role can help in tailoring more effective support services and a more accurate evaluation of the impact of self-employment on refugees.

Alina Mariuca Ionescu, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania

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Summary: Is the profile of a successful entrepreneur the same to all university students or should the entrepreneurial role models be more diverse and representative for all walks of life, making them easier to be emulated? This research presents the five keys to running effective courses that promote entrepreneurial role models among university students.

Aishwarya Kakatkar, Technical University of Munich, Germany

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Summary: Keeping up the Energy: A Must-Read for Founders. The founding process has many ups and downs, with some founders experiencing a persistent and extreme loss of energy for their startup. This piece draws on recent research on this dark side of entrepreneurship to equip founders with strategies for keeping up their energy

Yekaterina Pak, University of Vaasa, Finland

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Summary: The physical and psychological well-being of entrepreneurs has already become a hot topic of discussion. However, we rarely examine the first-hand personal stories told by entrepreneurs about their negative life experience. 

Nicola Thomas, Technical University of Denmark

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Summary: From mental health struggles to founder success, three ways to fuel your ascent.

Lily Zhu, University of California, Irvine, USA

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Summary: “Yes I’m anxious, but that’s only because I’m passionate!” Research shows how entrepreneurs can view anxiety as the flip side of passion and turn it into fuel of success.

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