Customized Programs

Do you have specific learning objectives? Would you like a course focused on a certain niche of the healthcare industry? Do you have topics you would like covered? Does your group need a facilitator to reach consensus? Do you want to learn best practices for getting an idea to market?

One-day workshop. Week-long course. Training once a week for several months. Stand alone or followed up with mentorship. On-site, hybrid, or virtual. Local or global. Workshops, speakers, experiential learning, field trips. You decide. Work with us to create a program that fits your needs.

Our customized programs work best with groups of 15-20.


We offer customizable short courses and certificate programs for healthcare delivery, digital health, medical devices, and drug development organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

Those who should consider creating a customized course:

  • Leaders who want their teams to use best practices for innovation
  • Small companies with a new venture idea
  • Executives who want a fresher course for their leadership team
  • Accelerators, Venture groups, and those in award or fund management who want to see their awardees have the best chance of success
  • Managers who want to provide a framework and mindset for growth for their team

Sample topics for sessions

  • Methods for Moving from Invention to Opportunity
  • Teams, Processes, and Outcomes
  • Methods for Addressing Uncertainty
  • Ecosystem: Stakeholders and Challenges
  • Financing
  • Business Model Design for Attracting Public and Private Funding
  • Pitching and Storytelling

Examples of Previous Programs

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For those who are looking for a course that is not customized, consider The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.