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Doctoral Consortium Research Translation Showcase

Sponsored by The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation & SAMS (The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies)

The Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC), with generous support from The Kauffman Foundation & SAMS, is tapping leading-edge research conducted by an elite group of doctoral students from top universities around the world. These 25 students have participated in the 2023 BCERC Doctoral Consortium.

We have published their practitioner translations that highlight important implications for entrepreneurs and others involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. These translations succinctly highlight key research findings and interpret what these findings mean for an entrepreneur starting or building their business. The Kauffman Foundation also sponsored two awards for Best Research Translation (winner: Alana Pierce) and Best Poster Presentation (winner: Wanyu (Emilie) Xu).  Please enjoy their short 2-4 page articles with direct practitioner implications in the areas of the Entrepreneur, External Environment, Growing Your Venture, Managing Your Team, Social Entrepreneurship, and Venture Financing.

The Entrepreneur

2023 Pierce Alana

Alana Pierce

HEC Montréal, Canada
 *Award Winner - Kauffman Foundation Award for Best Research Translation*

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Entrepreneurs receive a lot of advice but its not always relevant and entrepreneurs do not always take it in. Instead of thinking of advice as something to take or leave, making advice, or co-producing advice through specific interactional moves can make advice more relevant and impactful. 

2023 Araki Michael

Michael Araki

University of Louisville, KY, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Polymathic orientation empowers entrepreneurs to create unique, high-value ideas and challenge conventional wisdom by drawing on knowledge that diverges from others in the domain.

2023 Dodo Fardeen

Fardeen Dodo

University of Bologna, Italy

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Entrepreneurship does not always do good. And, the good and bad of entrepreneurial behaviour may not be best seen as a two-sided coin, given that each form of behaviour may a 'life' of its own.

2023 Dwyer Sean

Sean Dwyer

Baylor University, TX, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Impulsive or perfectionistic? While these business practices can help business venture survival early on, they can become barriers to selling your business if left unchecked.

2023 Garcia Quevedo Diana

Diana Garcia Quevedo

ESCP Business School, France

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Understanding the implications of gender and adapting online posting wisely can help women eco-entrepreneurs navigate gender norms and stereotypes. They can create a positive impact in their venture while challenging gender norms in entrepreneurship.

2023 hammoda basel

Basel Hammoda

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Entrepreneurship is often understood to be synonymous to creativity and innovation. This semantic interpretation or rather misinterpretation can lead new entrepreneurs into the trap of trying to come up with “one hell of a business idea” that makes them live happily ever after. This fondness with their idea might be a fast track to a destined failure though.

2023 Hill Nathaniel

Nathaniel Hill

University of South Carolina, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: While development research and practitioners have focused on factors that limit the capabilities of potential entrepreneurs, they have too often neglected the factors that make entrepreneurship undesirable even when feasible. The result is that those most capable and well-resourced in sub-Saharan Africa (the educated middle and upper class), are less likely to start a business as it is seen as an undesirable choice.

2023 Keller Laurine

Laurine Keller

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Organizations unknowingly lose employees by silent quitting and exodus into entrepreneurship - A guide for organizations to retain high-potential employees.

2023 Mokhtar Julia

Julia Mokhtar

Ghent University, Belgium

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Academic spin-offs are relevant to transform technologies from the university into commercialized products. However, academic entrepreneurs often do not possess the managerial know-how and thus need to seek support from their environment to improve their performance.

2023 Zhang Yi

Yi Zhang

Oklahoma State University, OK, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Entrepreneurs aim to change the world and make life better, yet they often face a dilemma between their ambition and family life. This study is to show that family life is not conflicted with entrepreneurs’ ambition but instead is a pathway to entrepreneurs’ self-realization. 

The External Environment

2023 Hess Sophia

Sophia Hess

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Recognizing the power of diversity within entrepreneurial ecosystems is key to unlocking their full potential. By embracing the symbiotic relationship between a variety of inward- and outward-looking entrepreneurs, policymakers can use their budget effectively and keep the economy moving.

2023 Klopp Jacob

Jacob Klopp

The Pennsylvania State University, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: How can we combat global warming when people are reluctant to abandon well-established practices in favor of sustainable ones? There is a lesson to learn from the case of plant-based meat: win people over by using a displacement strategy.

2023 Kyani Sarfraz Ali

Sarfraz Ali Kyani

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Entrepreneurship is often glorified as a journey of individual bravery and seizing opportunities. But what about the role of external changes influencing a venture’s creation? 

Growing Your Venture

2023 bohan sarah

Sarah Bohan

University of Galway, Ireland

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Only some senior managers know how to set the tracks of culture and fuel the engine with practices that carry a venture to their destination on time.  Those that do take advantage of some signs they encounter on the way there are set to encounter maybe more than just one destination.

2023 Kim Tan

Tan Kim

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: The growth of entrepreneurship can be accelerated by attracting favorable attention from investors and potential customers. This attention can create intangible assets that transform unknown individuals into public figures and can lead to opportunities for platform businesses, crowd-funding, and positive impression management for the founders. This article explores how novice entrepreneurs employ behavioral strategies to generate positive attention from their audiences. 

2023 Shen Jia

Jia Shen

The University of Texas at Dallas, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Firms need to balance the trade-off between transparency and secrecy to serve multiple strategic purposes. When facing a regulatory shock that requires firms to disclose innovation information, how do they camouflage to strike a balance between complying with mandatory disclosure requirements and protecting intellectual property from detection?


2023 Yoo Chanyong

Chanyong Yoo

University of South Carolina, SC, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Discover how homegrown ventures such as Gojek and Grab outcompeted global giants like Uber by building a scaling business model that adapts to the local challenges in emerging and developing markets.

Managing Your Team

2023 Butler Seth

Seth Butler

The University of Alabama, AL, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Employee resource groups (ERGs) have demonstrated benefits for HR and diversity departments. But do they help the company’s bottom line, and how?

2023 Hill Cabrera Laura

Laura Hill Cabrera

Ghent University, Belgium

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Demographic diversity of the top management team influences the risk of firm failure. However, not all types of diversity have a similar effect as gender and age diversity appears to decrease the risk, whereas nationality diversity increase the risk.

2023 Tran Mia

Mi (Kelly) Tran

Syracuse University, NY, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: The high-tech sector, despite its reputation for innovation, struggles with a lack of diversity, particularly in terms of gender and ethnicity. Our study shows that diverse founding teams have a positive impact on promoting inclusivity in high-tech firms, as they are more likely to contact and receive responses from female and underrepresented minority job candidates, highlighting the need for policies that empower diverse entrepreneurship from the outset to foster sustained diversity in the sector.

Social Entrepreneurship

2023 Jose Cerecedo Lopez

Jose Cerecedo Lopez

The University of Texas at San Antonio, TX, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: This article brings attention to the Lean Startup methodology and provides insights on how the methodology can be approached in order to be successfully implemented at the bottom of the pyramid, in impoverished non-western developing economies, a setting characterized by severe resource constraints. Virtually none of the world’s entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid lives in western developed economies the context from which Lean Startup emerged.

2023 Terveen Nele

Nele Terveen

Tecnnical University of Munich, Germany

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: One out of five students are triggered to address ESG issues one to five years earlier - training problem sensitivity is key to moving ideas out of the classroom.

Venture Financing

2023 Rady Judy

Judy Rady

Virginia Tech, VA, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Entrepreneurs face various challenges when they offer new products and services. Their efforts to overcome their newness obstacles and to mobilize resources, through rhetoric and communication, however, can lead to hype which can adversely impact their new ventures depending on the involvement of other factors.

2023 Reardon Robert

Robert Reardon

Florida Atlantic University, FL, United States

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: Uncover the secret weapon of small firms in the booming U.S. equity crowdfunding market: incorporating in Delaware. Explore how this strategic move offers unique benefits, such as streamlined exits, robust governance, expert legal support, and a competitive edge, propelling firms to succeed in crowdfunding.

2023 Xu Wanyu

Wanyu (Emilie) Xu

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Research Translation Paper (pdf) »

Summary: In the face of foreign-advantaged firms, entrepreneurs could rely more on external partnerships for complementary resource acquisition to enhance their competitive advantages. However, entrepreneurs must be more vigilant to take action to prevent misappropriation from their partners.  


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