Muller Competition

The John H. Muller Jr. Business Plan Prize Competition awarded $5,000 to the Babson undergraduate individual or team that developed the best business plan for an entrepreneurial venture.

The Muller Prize was established in 1997 through the generosity of former Babson President William F. Glavin and Mrs. Glavin. It honored the entrepreneurial accomplishments of John H. Muller Jr. P'79, H'96, founder and former chairman of General Housewares Corporation and chairman of the Babson College Board of Trustees from 1989 to 1997.

The award originated in 1984, as the Philip Charm Prize, with a generous gift from Leslie Charm '64 in honor of his father, Philip Charm. The Muller Prize continued Babson's tradition of honoring outstanding student business initiatives through April 2011.

Past Winners

2011 Redeemr - Tim Chae '13

2010 Crelligence Media – Alexander Debelov '10

2009 Easy Dues – Matthew Miller '09

2008 Before The Stores, LLC – Amar Khubani '10, Alexander Kravets '10

2007 Paragon Lake – Matthew D. Lauzon ‘07, Jason A. Reuben ‘07

2006 Salubrion, LLC – Grant Hutchins, Leighton M. Ige, and Daniel Lindquist (Olin College of Engineering), Alice Kuo (Wellesley College), Nils Seebach (Babson College)

2005 Wildfire – Michael Banu, Kiara Barrett, and Tori Smyly (Babson College), Nathaniel Smith and Zachary Brock (Olin College of Engineering)

2004 The Artisan Bread Company – Tobias Donath

2003 GotVMail Communications – Kathryn Black, Andrew Messer, Anthony Romano, Ramses Seliman, and Siamak Taghaddos

2002 Iris Digital – Brian Ellis, Bradley Gladsden, Aaron Honig, and Eric McGlynn

2001 Saahil, LLC – Fernando Barciona, Gaston Arevalo, Sonia Guzman, and Vishal Mehta

2000 – Jonathan Saunders

1999 BSF Storage – Daniel J. Drabinski and James W. Siminoff

1998 Boletos Y Mas – Frederico Rodriguez

1997 EMS-Cover It – Michael Gleason and Jeremy Weiner

The Philip Charm Prize

1996 Kuwait Emirates International Exchange Company – Rabbie H. Mukhaimer

1995 Bob Peck's Skate & Sport Shop – Ira Hirsch and Mark Pecchia

1994 Moonlight Café – Deborah Chafin and Mary Catherine Zoltak

1993 Mandarin Express, Ltd. – Feng Bai and Daniel Taylor

1992 Sew Simple, Inc. – Caroline Drinkuth and David Selman

1991 Arise Diaper Company – Vincent Giglio, Mark Kushner, and Kenneth Salzman

1990 The Boston Freedom Trail Game – Eric Lehman and Erin Lehman

1989 Enterprise Machine Shop – Tom Huckman, Eric Merryfield, Alexander Noecker, and Thomas Wey

1988 D. Foley Landscape Construction Company – Steve Duplessie and Daniel Foley

1987 Rockingham Research, Inc. – Scott Holloway

1986 Environmental Testing, Inc. – J. Gregory Murphy

1985 Market Yourself, Inc. – Peter Altman

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