Research Studies

The KMH Center has affiliate faculty that conduct research on emerging trends in health innovation and entrepreneurship, the intersection of health innovation, entrepreneurship, and health equity, as well as AI and analytics in health.

Our faculty are avid researchers and can benefit from the sharing of company or industry data. To collaborate or inquire about our research, contact us at

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KMH Center Case Studies. The KMH Center supports faculty in the development of interdisciplinary cases that address emergent health-related topics for the classroom. Cases are available through Harvard Business Publishing or the Case Centre.

Babson-Lancet Case Studies. In 2015, Babson partnered with The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery and the Harvard Medical School Program for Global Surgery and Social Change (PGSSC) to create a case series designed to help transform Global Surgery into a field of study and practice. The cases explore health system challenges ranging from human resource development to electronic medical record systems and are freely available online to both students and educators.

In addition to our academic research and cases, we host convenings and conversations to glean insights from health sector leaders. Below are a sampling of events both directly hosted by the KMH Center and/or within the Babson community.

2021: Dr. Albert Boura, H ‘21, CEO, Pfizer Comments at the 2021 Babson Undergraduate Commencement 

2021: Leading Change with Lives on the Line, CWEL 9th Annual Disruption Dinner with Hiyam Nadel, MBA'13, Dr. Charmain Jackman, Nour Al-Sultan '14, Colleen Leung, MBA'18, Dr. Wiljeana Glover, Moderator

2020: Pivots and Partnerships in the Days of COVID-19 with Dr. Nick Morse MBA '09, Prof. Craig Bida, Maliha Khalid, Elizabeth Johansen, and Prakash Veenam, MBA ‘18

2019: The Business of Health: Waiting for Disruption at Babson Connect: Worldwide with Dr. Khama Rogo, MD, PhD

2018: Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship Conversation at Babson Connect: Worldwide with Dr. Paul Farmer, Carmella Kletjian, Dr. Mack Chaney, Cheryl Kiser, Moderator

2018: ET&A in War-Torn Syria with Dr. Mahmoud Hariri, Prof. Wiljeana Glover, Moderator