2021 - 2022 Student Scholars

Meet the 2021-2022 Board of Student Scholars:

BIFETE Scholar '21 -  Michael Cantaluppi

Michael Cantaluppi '22

Michael is a senior at Babson College concentrating in marketing. He is a member of the men's cross country and track and field teams, and he is passionate about sports and entertainment. Outside of Babson, Michael aspires to promote political values that strengthen business and entrepreneurship, as well as capitalistic principles that uplift global markets.

BIFETE Scholar '21 -  Tommy Croissant

Thomas Croissant '23

Tommy Croissant is a junior at Babson College, concentrating in supply chain management & technology, entrepreneurship, & design. In addition to being a BIFETE scholar, he is also Vice-President for CODE, the digital fabrication & woodshop specialist at the Weissman Foundry, an advanced pursue member of the Butler Launch Pad, & is on the men's track & field team. He is actively pursuing a venture and prides himself in his ideation and management skills with plans to utilize them in creating mass social and economic impact.

BIFETE Scholar '21 -  Valerija Ilievska

Valerija Ilievska '24

Valerija is a sophomore at Babson College with many interests. She is passionate about politics, art, technology, and finance, and is constantly looking for ways to further explore all her passions. By being involved in various activities, such as the Babson Analyst Initiative, the speech and debate club, is a Butler Student Scholar Board Member, and is part of the Babson Political Association living community, Valerija is trying to actively engage and bring a positive impact on campus. 

BIFETE Scholar '21 -   Ridha Mirza

Ridha Mirza '23

Ridha is a junior at Babson College studying computational and mathematical finance. She is involved with the Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) as a scholar and program coordinator. As a Butler Scholar, Ridha aims to explore how entrepreneurship creates social value.  

BIFETE Scholar '21 -   Dure Nayab

Dure Nayab '22

Dure is Global Scholar and second-semester senior at Babson College, concentrating in economics. As a Butler Scholar, Dure hopes to engage the student body at Babson in conversations around the topics of social justice, entrepreneurship, and public policy. Beyond Babson, she hopes to use her entrepreneurial knowledge to participate in the efforts to decolonize our rapidly globalized world by supporting indigenous communities.   

BIFETE Scholar '21 -   Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson '22

Ryan is an undergraduate senior at Babson College. His research takes an emphasis on corporate social responsibility and system-based thinking. This spring, he will be leading a senior seminar titled, "Plant Your Stake: Leadership for the 21st Century and Beyond" where he will explore topics of stakeholder economics, government policy, and conscious decision making. He is also a member of the Men's Cross Country team, who finished 2021 with the most successful season in program history. Ryan grew up on Long Island, New York.

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