Past Events

KMH Center Crossroads Speaker Series

February 27, 2024

Prof. Sinan Erzurumlu (Professor, Babson College) and Gail Rosseau, MD, FAANS, FACS (Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery & Chairman, Board of Directors, The G4 Alliance)

November 28, 2023

Elizabeth Johansen (Adjunt Professor, Olin College of Engineering) and Dr. Shivang Dave (Co-Founder and CEO of PlenOptika)

October 31, 2023

Wiljeana Glover (Founding Faculty Director of KMH Center, Associate Professor, Babson College) and Dr. Dheera Ananthakrishnan (Founder of Orthopaedic Link, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon)

September 28, 2023

Dr. Ahmed Ahmed (Assistant Professor, Babson College) and Dr. Nermin Mostafa (Associate Professor of Pharmacy & Biotechnology, German University in Cairo, Egypt)

May 17, 2023

Dr. Andrew Zacharakis (Professor, Babson College) and Dr. Serban Georgescu, MD, MBA (Senior Trade Officer, Canadian Technology Accelerator and Digital Health, Consulate General of Canada in Boston)

April 25, 2023

Robert Schultz, MBA (Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice, Babson College; Managing Director, Massnex) and David Tswamuno, MBA (Founder and General Partner, Fairbridge Park)

March 22, 2023

Wiljeana Glover (Founding Faculty Director of KMH Center, Associate Professor, Babson College) and Salim Afshar, MD, DMD, FACS (Co-Founder, Chief Medical & Innovation Officer, Reveal Healthtech; Venture Partner, W Health Ventures; Faculty: Program in Global Surgery and Social Change (PGSSC), Harvard Medical School)

Babson Olin Wellesley Collaborations

February 28, 2024

The BOW FutureHealth Forum gathered members to spark vital conversations and make actionable steps toward addressing pressing health outcomes not only within our community but also in the broader context of global health challenges.

Each year, Babson-Olin-Wellesley campuses come together for an event that intersects and is guided by the three principles of each respective school: liberal arts, engineering, and business, to raise awareness of health trends and recognize current cutting-edge solutions to these issues.

This year, we were pleased to have an introduction to the event by Donna Levin, CEO of the Arthur M. Blank School for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Dr. Moffatt-Bruce and Ms. Koomson's presentations focused on the intersection of creating equitable medical devices with the input from medical professionals. Dr. Mofatt-Bruce touched on at home hospital care and all of the work Lahey has done but how that is only possible with the types of devices (ex. pulse oximeters) that Ms. Koomson makes given her engineering background. Ms. Koomson spoke on the racial bias that can be found in medical devices (ex. vitals not measuring properly for certain races- Black, Asian)- and how this is a concern for equitable and safe healthcare. The conversation moving forward is how we can integrate business/engineering/healthcare to make informed and equitable decisions on care, medical devices, and overall healthcare operations.

This event was funded by the Babson/Olin/Wellesley Presidential Innovation Grant Fund.

April 5, 2023

The Babson, Olin, Wellesley Colleges came together to organize a Health Innovation Day to celebrate advances in healthcare. Following an expo session of health initiatives and innovations taking place on all three campuses, our keynote speaker Kendal Whitlock inspired us with her work for health equity. The KMH Center Health Innovation Luminary Award was presented to our first two recipients: Kendal Whitlock and Cheryl Yaffe Kiser.

This event was funded by the Babson/Olin/Wellesley Presidential Innovation Grant Fund.

KMH Center Health Innovation Luminary Award

This award is given to a health industry leader (scholar and/or practitioner) who exemplifies the KMH Center’s mission to build health and economic value simultaneously. Criteria for the award includes:

  • 10 or more years of experience in the industry
  • Evidence of innovative leadership in one’s area of expertise
  • Human-centered approach to advancing healthcare and/or life sciences
  • Evidence of entrepreneurial thinking and innovation approaches in their body of work
  • Integration of technology into one’s approach to advancing health systems
Dr. Susan Moffatt-Bruce

Dr. Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce, President of Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, boasts a distinguished career shaping medical education standards globally. With a diverse educational background from prestigious institutions, including McGill University and University of Cambridge, she’s a respected academic leader and surgeon. Her tenure at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center focused on quality improvement and patient safety. As a funded health outcomes research scientist, she’s led impactful projects like IDEA4PS, enhancing patient safety and clinical communication. Dr. Moffatt-Bruce’s influence extends to global healthcare standards through her involvement with GS1 and professional medical associations.

Valencia Koomson

Valencia Koomson, an esteemed associate professor at Tufts School of Engineering, brings a wealth of expertise from her background as a VLSI research engineer at USC/ISI. As a former Marshall Scholar and NSF Graduate Research Fellow, she’s received accolades including the NSF CAREER Award. Her research in silicon-based mixed-mode VLSI systems spans analog, digital, RF, and optical domains, with applications in optical wireless communication and biomedical imaging. Her global impact is evident in collaborations like the AHOMKA Mobile Health Network, aiming to advance hypertension health outcomes in Ghana. Koomson’s dedication to innovation and societal benefit transcends boundaries, marking her as a leader in her field.

Kendal K. Whitlock

Kendal K. Whitlock is a thought leader who advocates for digital literacy, health equity, and patient empowerment by applying data-driven methods to customize approaches that address patient/community unmet needs. Ms. Whitlock is focused on leveraging data assets and partnerships to advance culturally responsive approaches to clinical research.

Cheryl Yaffe Kiser

Cheryl Yaffe Kiser is the founding Executive Director of the Institute for Social Innovation, which amplifies the College’s mission to educate entrepreneurial leaders to create social and economic value simultaneously. A global leader in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social innovation, Ms. Kiser is an author, a co-founder of an “action tank” Food Sol, a creator of the largest global convening for CSR practitioners and leaders, and a changemaker.