Douglass Competition

Through the generosity of Donald J. Douglass P'87 and the Douglass Foundation, a business plan competition for MBA students was established in 1987.

Donald Douglass sponsored similar awards at selected colleges and universities around the United States. The prizes were awarded to the graduate individual or team that submitted the most feasible business plan in any of the following areas: start-ups, acquisitions, company growth, real estate development, and entrepreneurship. The Douglass Prize continued through April 2011.

Past Winners

2011 SkyCrepers, LLC - Matthew Chatham M'11

2010 Evolve Foods – Sara Gragnolati M'10

2009 Lazybones – Dan Hermann M'10, Joel Pedlikin M'09

2008 Incentive Targeting – Joshua Herzig-Marx M’08, Ben Sprecher

2007 Mass Probiotics LLC – William H. Boone M’04, Ken Dupuis, Katherine E. Otway M’07, Erik J. Skala M'02, David A. Tabaczynski M'02

2006 Inanovate – David J. Arslanian M’06, David A. Ure M’05

2005 LIFEPRINTS – Ryan and Monica Bettencourt

2004 Seahorse Power Company – Alexander Perera, James Poss, Bret Richmond, and Jeffrey Satwicz

2003 GI Dynamics – Guido Buchbinder

2002 Sensory Technologies, Inc. – Shane McGuiness and Jason Harry

2001 Fossa Industries – Gloria Ro and John Mahoney

2000 Omni Shop – James Van Alen, Elizabeth Martin Kachmar, Elizabeth A. McCullough, and Clive L. Watkins

1999 BrandAid Communications, Inc. – Jason R. Badian, Christian H. LesStrang, Jose A. Pikunic, Amin A. Rammal, and Katrina S. A. Sandejas

1998 Highwired.Net – Matthew Flaherty, Mark Johnson, Karen Lavin, and Michael Sattler

1997 Applied Prophecy – Thomas Kahrl, Tadaomi Kanno, John-Marc Quilter, and Paul Ritchie

1996 Advanced Power Source – Scott Areglado, Alan Forbes, Jr., Donald Gleason, John Monahan Jr., and Roberto Villanueva

1995 Career Kids – Clement Chen, Paula Hobson, Siew-Joo Tan, and Birgit Wendt

1994 Visions, Inc. – Vinod Bandrapalli, John Gallagher, Thomas Kearney, and Paul McLaughlin

1993 Sun Integrated Systems, Inc. – James Buhrer, Kerry Dunn MacKenzie, Barbara Evans, and Kenneth Place

1992 PC Build Computer Kits – Bhimsen Batra, Michael Healey, Robert Lofblad, and Madelein Otto

1991 Evergreen Technology – James Fitzgerald

1990 Beaver Springs Water Corp. – Darlene McCormick, Leopold Peavy III, Bernard Regenauer, and Margaret Sveinsdottir

1989 Prototex Company – John McNamara, Richard Cook, Deborah DiSanzo, and Domenic Apprille Jr., Imelda Stoffregen

1988 American Financial Systems – Steven Richards 

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