Logging on to any network computer on campus gives you access to the network drives associated with your Babson account. These network drives are connected automatically when you log on to your Babson-issued laptop or desktop while on campus, and are accessible via My Computer on your local machine. When off campus they may be reached under the My Drives section of the My Links Portlet on the Babson Portal. Th​ere are four standard network drives, however, some departments may utilize additional drives as well.

  1. Shared storage space for specific network group – The H:\ drive is a shared storage space for users in your network group. Items such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations or any item that you wish to make available to other users in your group should be stored here. Your account grants you and other workers in your network group full read and write access to all files and folders on this drive.
  1. Collaboration space for employees in cross functional workgroups – The J:\ drive is mapped for employees only. Since users in different network groups have separate shared storage on the H drives, this drive provides an area where cross functional teams can have a shared storage space. A workgroup folder can be created by contacting the IT Service Center at x4357 with the name of the folder and a list of authorized users.
  1. Storage space for utilities with an are for temporary storage – The K:\ drive is mapped by any user with a valid and active network account including faculty, staff, students, and affiliates. This drive contains a TEMP folder that is available to all users for temporary storage. The contents of this folder are deleted every Friday at 5 p.m.
  1. Personal space for each user to store files – Access to the U:\ drive is limited to you and network administrators. Here you can place documents of any type. Although the space is your own to use, the overall storage capacity is shared by many users; so please be careful not to copy large amounts of data, such as a hard drive, to your personal storage space.​​