Student Hub Carousel

On the Student Portal, there is a carousel in the header that informs students of upcoming news and events. To submit a request to add a graphic to the carousel, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Save your Graphic as a .jpg or .png image.  
  2. Format the name of your image with the takedown date at the end (e.g., Topic_MM_DD_YY.jpg = StudentHub_03_24_21.jpg).
  3. Send image and a link to your content to Ciarán Crawley at the Academic Services Center.

If you are unable to create a graphic for your event or announcement, please contact Ciarán Crawley a week before your announcement needs to be posted with the announcement title, body content, and any related imagery so that a design can be made.  

Best Practices 

  • Hub carousel image dimensions are currently 430 pixels wide by 290 pixels tall. PowerPoint images do not follow this dimension, so please design your image in Canva or other software.
  • Review Babson brand guidelines, download logos and images from the Graphics, Icons and Templates section.
  • Use photos to enhance your slide.
  • Use simple and short messages: 
    • Provide a URL—images in the carousel link to an external page. It is not necessary to add your link in the image. Rather, please provide a link to your content in the email.
  • Remember your audience.