Secondary Email Address Policy


ITSD is establishing and refining security measures for Babson College’s technology structure. To aid in this procedure, a single user sign on process has been developed for email, Portal, and network access. These systems have synchronized user names and passwords. In order to keep these systems protected and align our processes with industry best practices, a new secondary email address policy will be implemented by 14 September 2009. Under this policy, any new password required as a result of a user request (forgotten password, unable to utilize the automated password change process) will be communicated by means of a user’s secondary email address. Utilizing the secondary email account, ITSD will send the user a hyperlink that will transfer her/him to the password change process. Any user who does not have a secondary email address will be required to have her/his password reset in person at the IT Service Center, Horn 220. A user must provide a valid Babson OneCard as identification for the password change process in the IT Service Center.

Organizational Scope

This is a College-wide policy and applies to all students, faculty and administrative staff including employees at the Executive Conference Center, personnel in the Executive Education office, Sodexo employees, Barnes and Noble staff and any other person with a Babson user account. Alumni, Trustees and Advisors will be excluded from this policy at this time.


Secondary Email Address: Any secure email account that is independent of the Babson College email system. The secondary email address must be established by users who currently have a Babson College account. This address is used as a means to provide a Babson account password change hyperlink in order to allow the user to easily change her/his password. A secondary email address may be established at no charge through sites such as or, among others. Many users have already purchased secondary email accounts through vendors such as Comcast and Verizon.

Policy Content and Guidelines

The secondary email address will be used to provide a hyperlink for any Babson account user who has voluntarily requested a password change from the IT Service Center. The hyperlink will transfer the user to the Babson account password change page. For example, if a user cannot remember her/his password, the hyperlink will convey the user to the password change page without the need of her/his forgotten password. Requirements of the secondary email address are as follows:

  • The email address must be secure and provided by an entity other than Babson College.
  • A user’s Babson account password must not be used for the secondary email address password. A unique password must be employed for each individual email account.
  • The secondary email address will be entered within a user’s profile under ‘My Info’ in the Babson Portal.
  • Any user who does not provide a secondary email address as detailed above, must have her/his password reset in person at the IT Service Center, Horn 220.
  • At the IT Service Center counter, the password change process will not be available to any user who cannot display a valid Babson OneCard as identification.

Approval Agency

Executive Vice President/Executive Dean
Vice President for Administration and CIO

Approval Dates

This policy was originally approved on: 25 August 2009
This version was approved on: 27 August 2009
This version takes effect from: 14 September 2009
This policy will be reviewed by: 15 July 2010

Policy Sponsor

IT Support Services


IT Support Services

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