Undergraduate Laptop Program Warranty

Both hardware and software repairs are performed at the IT Service Center in Horn 220.

Some of the most common fixes performed are as follows:

  • Hard Drive replacement
  • Reimaging
  • Network connectivity repairs
  • Virus removal
  • E-mail/Internet configuration
  • Operating system error corrections
  • Keyboard replacements
  • Babson approved software installation

There is no charge for these minor repairs which we do onsite. Major hardware problems are repaired onsite but may incur an insurance charge.

  • Many hardware repairs are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. There is no charge to you for warranty repairs.
  • If the necessary repair is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, your student account will be billed the cost of the part(s) needing replacement up to a maximum of $500.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty will cover parts and labor for manufacturer defects and internal mechanical failure, such as disk failures, inoperative keyboards, etc.

  • Defective screens
  • Backlight burn out on screens
  • Machine will not turn on (unless there is a spill on the machine)
  • Hard drive errors (unless there is a spill on the machine)
  • Bad memory or system board errors (unless there is a spill on the machine
  • Floppy/CDROM not working (unless there has been physical damage to the drive
  • Keyboard that doesn’t work or types erroneous characters (unless there is a spill on the keyboard or physical damage)
  • The AC adapter (unless the wire has physical damage)
  • Network card that doesn’t work (unless the pins are bent)
  • Ports on the computer (unless they are broken/bent)
  • Broken screens (determination made by an A+/Lenovo Certified Technician)
  • Loose or cracked screen hinges
  • Cracked plastic to the casing
  • Damage to the computer as a result of spills to any part of the computer
  • Damage to the keyboard, screen or drives due to screws, springs or any foreign objects
  • The keyboard if a key is missing or has been popped or broken off
  • Loss of your personal data files and programs
  • PCMCIA slots that were damaged due to bent pins
  • Loose or damaged AC ports, microphone ports, PS/2 ports, PCMCIA doors
  • Broken AC port or AC adapter (if a cord is pulled out and damages the pin on the port or the end of the adapter)
  • Cut or frayed insulation on an AC adapter
What if my repair is not covered by manufacturer’s warranty?

In the event that the cost of a repair is not covered by warranty, your student account will be charged the cost of the part(s) needing replacement up to a maximum of $500.  If the laptop is deemed a total loss due to extreme negligence or malicious intent, the account may be charged up to and including the replacement value of the machine.

Will I know what the cost is when I drop off my laptop?

Laptop Services makes every effort to identify the severity of a hardware problem and inform you possible costs at time of drop off.  However, some issues are only discovered upon disassembly and examination of the laptop components.  If a charge were found to be necessary, you will be notified at time of pickup or via email if the issue were discovered post laptop return or exchange.

How do I pay for repairs?

Whatever insurance charges you may occur will be put on you student bill. You may pay charges on your bill at Student Financial Services.

What do I do if my laptop is lost or stolen?
  • Immediately call campus police and report the incident. If you are off-campus when the loss occurs, contact the police department in the given jurisdiction as well as Babson's campus police.
  • Call IT Service Center at x4357 and report the loss.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report and prepare a brief statement, in your own words and writing, of the events. Be sure to include the date of the incident, where you were and the circumstances involved. Your signature must be present.
  • Turn the police report as well as your written statement in to Laptop Services.

There is a $500 charge to your student account to issue a replacement machine for a laptop that has been lost / stolen.

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