Babson has a wide range of options available for printing. In order to best use limited resources, Babson has chosen to focus on shared network accessible resources such as laser printers or multifunction copiers/printers.

Printing Options

Public Printers ‚Äč- Publicly-accessible networked black and white laser printers are available in many locations across campus, including the Horn Library & Computer Center, Olin Hall, Reynolds Hall, and in some classrooms. Public printers are all managed using the Uniprint print management system, and are available to all members of the Babson community.
Departmental Printers - Faculty and staff also have access to networked laser printers located in their individual departments. Click here for more information on faculty and staff printing. Departmental printers are only available to members of the department in which the printer is located.
Document Center - For those needing professional quality, printing services are available for a fee through the Document Center located on the first floor of Hollister.  Please call the Document Center at x5300 to learn more about the services they offer.
Students are welcome to setup their own personal printers in their dorm rooms, but ITSD is not able to support them.