Bob Morris

Senior Fellow in Social Innovation

Bob is an international corporate and public affairs executive with a 20 year track record in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Prior to founding Foresight Strategy, for 14 years Bob served as Vice President, Public Affairs for InterGen, a global electric power company. At InterGen he established the company’s external brand/image—centered on its use of advanced technology and a focus on CSR.

As InterGen’s senior officer responsible for government, media and community affairs, he established the company’s approach to sustainable development and community outreach for its international power projects in over a dozen countries. This approach embodied the principles of effective CSR—stakeholder consultation, employee involvement and cultural sensitivity.

Bob is a firm believer that any company’s external image has to be based on not only substance but also employee buy-in. After conducting employee research, he developed theInterGen Core Values Program—an effort to establish a consistent corporate culture based on specific internal and external values. Bob was also instrumental in the environmental design components for the company’s new corporate office that was certified by the US Green Building Council.

Bob’s diverse background includes public affairs experience in the environmental services industry and at a global PR agency, NGO advocacy work, and service as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Latin America.

An active and persuasive proponent of corporate social responsibility, Bob has taught for the past three years at the Boston College Carroll School of Management Graduate School. His MBA course,SocialIssues in Management,centers on CSR’s role in value creation.

Bob holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Boston College, a master’s degree in international Affairs from Ohio University, and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University. He has served on the boards of several non-profit institutions including the Washington DC based Public Affairs Council, the Boston College Center on Corporate Citizenship, and the Friends of Minute Man National Park.​