Babson College will be altering regular operations due to the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Evaluation Criteria

The admission process at Babson is highly competitive. For the Class of 2021, we received more than 7,000 applications. On average, admitted students had high school grades between A- and B+ and earned SAT scores from 1290 - 1440 (this range represents the middle 50 percent of admitted students’ averages).  

At Babson, we take pride in our extensive and holistic evaluation of all applications for admission. While the greatest focus is placed on a student's four-year performance at the secondary level, the following factors are carefully considered in our evaluation process:

  • Academic performance
  • Rigor of coursework (accelerated, honors, AP/International Baccalaureate, etc.)
  • Academic motivation, including interest in learning and a willingness to challenge oneself
  • Performance on standardized tests (SAT I or ACT; TOEFL/IELTS for non-native English speakers)
  • Writing ability (Essay and Writing Supplement​)
  • Involvement in activities and/or work experience
  • Leadership, creativity, and enthusiasm

Interviews with an admission counselor or student admission intern are available but not required; interviews are evaluative and candidates’ written evaluations will be added to their files for use in the selection process.

The academic environment at Babson is a rigorous one, and we look for students who have best prepared themselves for success at the college level. Most admitted students have carried four to five courses per year in the five major academic subject areas: English, mathematics, social science, laboratory science, and foreign language.

Additionally, we highly recommend pursuing mathematics through pre-calculus at a minimum. ​

Students who matriculate to Babson will be required to submit a final high school transcript, GED, or equivalent indicating successful completion of high school in good academic standing.