All entrepreneurs start with an idea. Summer Study students go through the process of business ideation, learn the design thinking process, workshop venture prototypes, and communicate their process in a final pitch presentation.


The Big Idea

The ideation process focuses on understanding the user experience and identifying real or perceived problems. On Observation Day, students step outside the classroom and hit the streets of Boston to look, listen, and observe challenges that the community and its residents face every day. Students can get real-time feedback on their ideas and potential solutions in the field.


Design Thinking Challenges

Design thinking combines creative and critical thinking that allows ideas to be organized, decisions to be made, problems to be tackled, and knowledge to be gained. Throughout the program, guest speakers and local entrepreneurs will present students with real-world challenges that their businesses or institutions are facing and ask for feedback and brainstorm ideas that can be put into action.


Prototype Workshop

During a two-day intensive workshop, students have access to a variety of resources to help bring their ideas to life. Using engineering, programming, and design thinking tools, each venture team creates a basic prototype of their idea. Throughout the program, students have access to the Summer Study Maker Space where they can continue to design, experiment, and invent.


Venture Pitch

Summer Study concludes with a venture pitch where students communicate the opportunities for innovation they identified in front of their peers, faculty, invited industry experts, and the Babson community. Pitches will describe the opportunity, the proposed solution, how the team determined if the business venture was feasible, and the next actionable steps needed to launch the business.

“Creating a venture at Summer Study entails a lot of teamwork. Learning how to collaborate with others has been a really important takeaway. I’ve realized that the teams that possess respectful individuals who are open to ideas and are able to give constructive feedback are often the most successful.”

- Nanase Bordeaux
Hong Kong, China