Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for CAPS services?

Due to COVID-19, all undergraduate and graduate Babson students who are living in Massachusetts are currently eligible. If you live out of state, we will meet with you for one or two consultations in order to help you find resources in the state or country where you reside.

Are CAPS services confidential?

Yes, they are. We do not share any information with anyone (anyone at Babson, any family member or friend, etc.) about students we meet with, unless the student signs a release for us to do so. There are a few exceptions to this, including if a student is at risk of harm to self or others. For other exceptions, please contact us.

Are CAPS services free?

Yes, all services provided on-campus by CAPS clinicians are free to students. Counseling services provided by off-campus clinicians will most likely be covered by a student’s health insurance, but may include a co-pay, depending on the insurance policy. For more information about health insurance payments and co-pays, please contact us.

How many sessions can I have with a CAPS clinician?

CAPS provides short-term, episodic individual therapy, but there are no specific limits to the number of sessions we provide, as we tailor services to the individual needs of students.

How will I know how many sessions I can have with a CAPS clinician?

During a student’s initial consultation with a CAPS clinician, the clinician will work with the student to consider how the student’s needs can best be met within our scope of service. If a student is likely to benefit from short-term individual treatment with a CAPS clinician, a treatment plan will be discussed, which will likely include an estimate of how many sessions the treatment will involve. If the student would benefit from a longer-term treatment or from group treatment, those recommendations will be provided during the initial consultation. If a student would prefer to see a clinician for more sessions than what has been recommended, the clinician will assist the student in finding an off-campus clinician for the student. In all cases, we partner with students in creating and implementing treatment plans.

How do I make an appointment at CAPS?

To make an appointment to virtually meet with a CAPS clinician, submit an Appointment Request form or email You can also choose to call us at 781-239-6200 or visit us at Park Manor South Annex during our business hours. We are available between 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM (EST), Monday – Friday. Due to COVID-19 protocols, you must wear a mask if you visit our office to book an appointment; we will not permit entry if you are out of compliance.

When you request an appointment you will be asked to provide us with some brief information, including your availability for an appointment. You will then be scheduled for a consultation with a clinician. We do our best to schedule these virtual appointments within 3 – 5 days.

Can I go to the CAPS offices to set up an appointment?

Yes. Due to COVID-19 protocols, you must wear a mask if you visit our office to book an appointment; we will not permit entry if you are out of compliance. Appointments can be made in-person, by phone, email, or through our Appointment Request form. You are welcome to email us at or call us at 781-239-6200 for more information, questions, or to request a free and confidential telehealth consultation. In-person appointments may be requested after completing a consultation and discussing your preference with a clinician, who will then decide if in-person sessions in the future are appropriate.

How long are appointments with CAPS clinicians?

All of our appointments are 45 minutes in length. If more time is needed for an initial consultation, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled.

Does CAPS offer evening or weekend appointments?

No. CAPS clinicians are available between 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM (EST), Monday – Friday. However, if you would prefer to meet with a counselor in the evening or on the weekend, there are local off-campus clinicians who offer evening and weekend appointments. This information can be found on our Off-Campus Resources page.

What if I need a private room for my virtual appointment?

A room is available for students in need of a private space for their virtual CAPS appointment. Please mention your interest in reserving a private room when you request an appointment. The room we have to offer is located in Health Services, another department separate from CAPS, and you would be responsible for bringing your own charged device for accessing the appointment. Once you've reserved this room, detailed instructions about accessing the space will be sent to you.

If CAPS refers me to off-campus resources, how do I make an appointment?

When CAPS refers you to an off-campus provider, your CAPS clinician will work with you to assist you in setting up your first appointment, and will be available to you for any questions you might have regarding the process. If you intend to use your health insurance to pay for these services, your clinician will refer you to resources covered by your health insurance.

Can I set up an appointment with an off-campus clinician without going through CAPS?

Yes, definitely. We have information about some local treatment providers on our Off-Campus Resources page, including information about how to set up an appointment with them. We are always happy to answer any questions about this process whether you meet with us first or not.

Does Babson provide transportation to off-campus clinicians?

Yes, Public Safety will provide transportation to some local treatment providers. You can see which providers Public Safety will take you to and from on their Medical and Safety Escorts page. Also, please refer to Public Safety’s transportation policy for more information.

What if I cannot afford to pay my health insurance co-pay for my counseling appointments?

If it would be a financial hardship for you and/or your family to cover the cost of the co-pay, please consult with a CAPS clinician or with a member of the Wellness team regarding options.

If I use my health insurance, will my parent(s) find out I am meeting with a counselor?

If this is a concern for you, please consult with a CAPS clinician. If you have the Babson Health Insurance plan, you are able to get all medical information sent directly to you. If you are on your family’s health insurance, some policies will allow you to keep this information private. More information about the PATCH (Protecting Access to Confidential Health Information) law in Massachusetts can be found on our Additional Resources page under the Privacy section.

What if I need medication to treat my mental health concern?

CAPS staff are unable to write prescriptions for medication. If you would like a medication evaluation or if your clinician believes that medication may be helpful to your treatment, they will refer you to an off-campus professional who can do a medication evaluation and write you a prescription if medication is recommended.

If you are already taking medication and need a local provider to write refill prescriptions for you, we can refer you to a local prescriber or you can find information about local prescribers on our  page.