Peers on Wellness

Peers on Wellness

Peers On Wellness (POW) is a student leadership program devoted to promoting health and educating fellow Babson students on a range of wellness topics.

2023-24 Peers

POWs are educators, leaders, role models, and resources to the Babson community. Wellness & Prevention Services staff advise the POWs.


POWs promote health, balance, and wellbeing through programming, education, and leadership. As advocates, we adapt to the ever changing needs of the diverse Babson community to elevate student wellness as a priority for the undergraduate population.


As POWs, we strive to empower our peers to prioritize health and wellness during their Babson Career. We believe that valuing health and personal wellbeing contributes to success, meaning that we want students to be well, so they can do well.

Educational Programming & Workshops

POW provides educational programs and workshops by request for student organizations, residence halls, and other groups. Email to request a program.

POW also facilitates Got Your BAC and Positive Consent workshops at fall and spring orientations for incoming first year, transfer, and exchange students.

Information & Referrals

POWs are a private resource and trained to listen and help get students connected to more support. POWs are available to listen, answer questions, give information, talk to someone privately about a personal concern, and distribute safer sex products, sleep kits, and other materials.

Each member of POW devotes a minimum of 3-5 hours/week to the program. Each subcommittee and the full membership gather weekly for staff meetings.


Group Development & Communication
Plan and manage recruitment and hiring; plan social activities and group bonding; coordinate recognition program and manage communications from agendas/minutes/weekly emails.

Develop and strengthen POW’s brand identity; manage and evaluate social media presence and strategy; support other subcommittees and develop health communication campaigns.

Publications & Public Relations
Solicit and edit articles, design, publish and coordinate distribution of monthly Stall Street Journal; produce alumni newsletters and annual reports. Design and develop POW bulletin boards and curricula for RA or student organization/group workshops. 

POW Party Grants
Manages the POW Party Grant program, including awarding grants and party kits, and managing the budget and inventory. Lead new POW initiatives to advocate harm reduction strategies by organizing monthly wellness evening events.

Students can apply to become a POW using the Shared Leadership Application typically made available at the end of the fall semester or beginning of the spring semester. Interviews and hiring decisions take place in January/February each year. POWs hired in the spring semester may be required to complete some preliminary training that semester, but officially begin their positions the following August. All POWs must return to campus early for fall training, which begins the week prior to New Student Orientation. For more information about joining POW, please email

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