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Isolate in Place Resources

Guidance for individuals with a respiratory illness and well roommate(s)

Students who test positive for a respiratory illness are encouraged to isolate off campus. However, there are times when the only available option is for a student with respiratory illness to isolate in the same room as their healthy roommate.


A Roommate With A Respiratory Illness

  • Follow guidance from MA DPH about staying home to prevent the spread of respiratory virus
  • If a single bathroom is available on your floor, choose that option over a shared bathroom. Be sure to wear your mask in common spaces
  • Positive students must work directly with their faculty regarding missed classes due to illness/isolation
  • Mask up and get a to-go meal from campus dining. You should not remove your mask and eat around other students until you feel back to normal 
  • Call Health Services at 781-239-6363 for additional guidance on treating your symptoms

A Roommate Without A Respiratory Illness

  • You may still go to class and all activities
  • Minimize time spent in your room—take this time to discover a new favorite study or hangout spot on campus
  • Consider masking indoors around others and avoiding crowded events 
  • Stay home and follow DPH guidance if you develop symptoms

In Either  Case

  • Mask with a high-quality mask when you are in the room together
  • Request a HEPA filter from facilities
  • Clean & disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects daily (e.g. tables, countertops, doorknobs, faucets, smartphones, laptops, remote controls, etc.)
  • If you share a bathroom, remember that sinks could be an infection source. Totes or caddies can be used for personal items so they don’t touch the bathroom countertop; bring your tote back to your personal space rather than leaving it in a shared bathroom
  • Each person should use their own hand or face towels
  • If you share a sleeping space, arrange beds so that you have as much space between beds as possible. Consider sleeping away from each other or in opposite directions
  • If sharing food or drinks, use separate serving dishes or cups
  • If you do come in contact with shared surfaces or items, wash your hands thoroughly afterwards
  • Do not invite any guests to your room until the ill roommate has recovered and the room has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

If you are a well roommate of a student who has tested positive for a respiratory illness and you have a condition that puts you at high risk for severe illness, please contact Student Health Services at 781-239-6363. Staff is available during regular business hours. You can also call Health Services to discuss therapeutic interventions that may be available to you.