Alcohol & Other Drug Services

Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AODS) offers a range of services designed to reduce the negative consequences associated with high-risk drinking and other forms of substance misuse. AODS also supports Babson’s non-drinker community and students in recovery from substances.

Students are welcome to schedule individual consultations or BASICS appointments to gather information and resources. To schedule, email Wellness & Prevention Services at or call us at 781-239-5200.

Personalized Feedback Intervention (PFI)

The PFI is an online tool designed to analyze the participant’s substance use based on their personal reporting, and provide feedback and education. While often utilized as an education sanction, the PFI is available for all Babson students. Take the 10-minute Personalized Feedback Intervention survey and receive your results immediately. A Wellness & Prevention Services Staff member may reach out upon completion of the PFI to offer an optional individual consult (see below) to expand upon the PFI results.

Individual Consultations

Wellness & Prevention Services offers free and confidential consultations by appointment. These sessions typically last 45 minutes and provide students with an opportunity to explore the nature of their relationship with alcohol or other drugs, or to discuss concerns for friends, partners, and family members.

Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students (BASICS)

BASICS is a two-session assessment designed specifically for college students. Developed at the University of Washington, BASICS is an evidence-based intervention that has been found to significantly reduce negative consequences associated with high-risk drinking. Students meet with a BASICS Provider for an intake interview and to complete an online screening instrument that gathers information about the student’s relationship with alcohol (BASICS I). A comprehensive personalized feedback profile is generated for the second session (BASICS II), which features comparisons to campus norms, consequences, and student goals. The Provider guides the student through their profile, using principles of Motivational Interviewing throughout the process.


In addition to these services, there are online screenings which may be helpful.

Watch Your BAC

Designed at Babson College, Watch Your BAC is an online module aimed at preparing all incoming students to engage with campus life, providing them with foundational knowledge to make educated and safe decisions around alcohol and other drug use during their first year at Babson. Once first years arrive on campus they attend an in-person workshop, Got Your BAC. This workshop is facilitated by the Peers on Wellness (POW!), reinforcing and expanding on what is covered in the online program.


Watch Your BAC Overview 2024

Bidwell POW Party Grants

Thanks to a generous donation by the Bidwell family, Wellness & Prevention Services and Peers on Wellness (POW!) are able to provide funding for food and water at student parties and social events with or without alcohol. Eating food and drinking water are proven strategies to reduce risk of harms related to alcohol consumption. The Bidwell Party Grant program encourages students to party safely by providing food and water for their guests at little to no cost. Learn more about POW and the Party Grants program.

Campaigns & Messaging

Vaping & Nicotine Facts


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For Victims

The College provides amnesty to victims who may be hesitant to report to College officials because they fear that they themselves may be accused of minor policy violations, such as underage drinking, at the time of the incident. Educational opportunities will be explored but no conduct proceedings or conduct record will result.

For Those Who Offer Assistance

To encourage students to offer help and assistance to others, the College pursues a policy of amnesty for minor violations when students offer help to others in need and stay with the person(s) in need until help arrives when applicable. Educational opportunities will be explored but no conduct proceedings or conduct record will result.

For Those Who Report Serious Violations

Students who engaged in minor violations but who choose to bring related serious violations by others to the attention of the College are offered amnesty for minor violations. Educational opportunities will be explored but no conduct proceedings or conduct record will result.

Students in Recovery

Babson supports students in recovery from substances, and believes students do not have to choose between recovery and their education. Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRP) are structured supports for students in recovery from substance use disorders who are seeking a degree in higher education. Our vision is to create a community for students seeking long-term recovery while pursuing their academic, personal, and professional goals.

Living Substance-Free

Babson, Olin and Wellesley Colleges are endeavoring to provide spaces and activities for students choosing not to use substances. About 25% of Babson students either identify as a nondrinker, or have not used alcohol in the last 30 days, according to the National College Health Assessment (2017).

Recovery Supports

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