Insurance Requirements

Insurance Requirements


Last updated Friday, January 6, 2023


Babson Health Services is closely monitoring the status of the International Mpox outbreak. Health and safety plans are in development to best protect our community.

If you are seeking evaluation for a suspected case or for exposure to Mpox, please call the Health Services Office at 781-239-6363 prior to presenting in person for appropriate triage.

Immunization Documents

Health requirements were due December 1st, 2022. Please submit your information ASAP!

If you recently uploaded your health and immunization documents, please wait to hear back from us. We will reach out after we have had an opportunity to review and verify your submissions.

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The Student Health Insurance Plan for Babson College students is underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield MA and managed by University Health Plans.

Download the Blue Cross Blue Shield MA Summary of Benefits and Coverage (pdf) for additional information.

The Student Health Insurance Plan provides protection against expensive illness and accidents at a cost low enough so as not to constitute an undue burden. Massachusetts state law requires all students who are enrolled in nine or more credits each semester to show proof that they have health insurance coverage from a U.S. based company while they are attending college or university in Massachusetts. 

To speak with a representative from University Health Plans, please call 833-251-1743.

Enrollment Information

To begin the health insurance enrollment process, log on to the Babson Portal and find the Student Financial Services tool box. Select View Bill. In the toolbox in the upper right corner, select University Health Plan and follow the prompt to complete the appropriate form. You will need your Babson student identification number to access the University Health Plans insurance decision site.

Students must complete this process to obtain their insurance identification cards. For questions about insurance benefits, claims processing, and ID cards, please go to University Health Plans.

Massachusetts State Requirements

The company must have its headquarters in the United States; an office in the U.S. does not meet this requirement.

In order to waive participation in the Babson sponsored policy your insurance must meet all of the following requirements:

  • The policy must have unlimited coverage per accident or injury.​
  • Emergency room visits that do not result in an admission to the hospital must be covered.
  • Mental health must be covered as any other illness or injury. This means that both in-patient and out-patient treatment must be covered.
  • Injuries or illnesses that occur as a result of alcohol, illegal drugs or as the result of an attempt to commit suicide must be covered as any other illness or injury.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases must be covered.
  • There must be coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • The maximum yearly deductible can not exceed $250.00 per year.
  • Must be portable to the State of Massachusetts.

The State further mandates that any student who cannot show proof of having qualifying health insurance from a U.S. based company must participate in an insurance program provided by their institution.

At Babson College, we offer Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO coverage which is managed by University Health Plans. This plan exceeds the state requirements and provides excellent health insurance coverage against illness and accidents.

Find out more about the Blue Cross Blue Shield MA Summary of Benefits and Coverage (pdf)​.

Students will be automatically billed the premium for the Babson Health Insurance plan unless they apply for a waiver based on a qualifying health plan that meets Massachusetts State requirements.

International Claim Filing

If not an emergency service, the member should contact Globalcore to find a participating provider. This will help prevent the member from paying up front for inpatient services. For inpatient services, the member will not have to pay up front, but the provider will require a credit card for services that are performed that would not normally be a covered service or for the out-of-network coinsurance. The member will always be charged at the time of service for outpatient services and will have to submit to for reimbursement. For more information on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Worldwide Program and AIG Travel Assistance Services, check out the University Health Plans website.

Download the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global International Claim Form (pdf)

Waiver Information

Babson College students who have a U.S. company-based health insurance plan may elect to waive participation in the Babson College plan. If a student elects to waive the Babson insurance the student must certify that the plan meets the Massachusetts State requirements.

To submit a waiver form students must log in to Workday and click on the “Finances” icon in Workday, then select “Enroll/Waive Health Insurance”

Health Insurance for Dependents

Students seeking alternative insurance or insurance for dependents and/or spouses should visit University Health Plans. Click on Babson and follow the links for dependent insurance options.

Effective July 1, 2021

Valued Customer,

This is to notify you of changes to our telehealth benefit. Effective July 1, 2021 we will reinstate member cost share for non-COVID-19 covered services provided via telehealth including care provided telephonically and via video chat. We are also expanding the types of services eligible for telehealth coverage. Details of these changes are below.

Cost Share for Non-Covid Telehealth Services Resumes

As you know, last year in light of pandemic-driven shutdowns, Blue Cross temporarily waived cost share for non-COVID telehealth services to maintain member access to health care and to help prevent infection and illness. As vaccines roll out and states and businesses reopen, this waiver of cost share for non-COVID services will end on July 1, 2021. Standard cost share for non-COVID telehealth services will apply.

We will continue to waive member cost share for COVID-19 related telehealth services.  We will also continue to waive member cost share for in-person COVID-19 related services when performed in an outpatient setting. Cost share is waived for inpatient COVID-19 services for both fully insured and ASC accounts that have opted in.

Telehealth Benefits Expanded

The coronavirus pandemic illustrated how vitally important telehealth is as a method of providing medical and behavioral health care for patients and caregivers. Hundreds of thousands of our members have successfully received care remotely. Given the growing popularity of telehealth and the benefit it provides, we are expanding the types of care available via telehealth to better meet the needs of our members and help our provider partners better serve their patients.

In line with the Patients First Act signed by Massachusetts Governor Baker effective January 1, 2021, providers can deliver any medically necessary services covered under a member’s health plan via telehealth (including telephonic and video chat) when appropriate. Blue Cross had already temporarily allowed this in response to COVID-19, and we are now making it a permanent change. For these expanded telehealth services, member cost will be the same as if the services were performed in-person.

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