Medical and Safety Escorts

The Babson College Public Safety Department assists in providing medical, counseling, accessibility, and safety escorts to Babson College and Olin College students.

Babson College Public Safety is an Emergency Department that prioritizes the calls that we receive based on the severity. We also have a responsibility to make sure that the campus is adequately staffed with Public Safety personnel 24/7, this means that escorts can be delayed or denied for various reasons. However, we will do our best to accommodate as many requests as we can, as long as it is within a 3-mile radius of the campus.

Scheduling Escorts Tips and Tricks:

- Public Safety cannot make guarantees on when, or even if, we can accommodate your escort. Make sure you leave adequate time to make alternate arrangements if we are delayed or unable to assist you.

- If you are calling for an escort, make sure you take into account the time an officer might need to drive across campus to pick you up, and the traffic that may be present on the way to your appointment.

- If you are emailing, make sure you include in all the required info listed. Failure to do so could result in Public Safety not being able to assist you.

-Take a minute to familiarize yourself with what the Public Safety vehicles look like. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to check them out.

Below is the different types of escorts that Public Safety can assist with.

Medical Services Escorts:

Public Safety will coordinate urgent medical transports via ambulance or by Public Safety vehicle, as appropriate. During business hours the request for transport must come from the Babson Health Services Department. During off-hours, Public Safety should be contacted at 781-239-5555 for a medical assessment to determine the transport method.

Counseling Services Escorts:

Public Safety will assist with transporting students to pre-designated Counseling Service locations (Dana Group and Comprehensive Psychiatric Associates) as well as other counseling service locations (HRS, Colony Care, etc.). If a student requests a counseling escort, within the policy guidelines, with at least a 60 minute notice and Public Safety is unable to provide the transport without a less than 10 minute delay to the scheduled appointment or 10 minute delay of return to campus they may contact Counseling Services with a receipt to explore reimbursement for alternative transportation (Uber, Zipcar, taxi, etc.).

Accessibility Assistance Escorts:

Public Safety understands that at times members of the community may need additional assistance in accessing locations/areas on campus due to a variety of personal circumstances. Public Safety will assist with these types of on-campus requests as able, and in consultation with the Office of Accessibility Resources located in the Learning Center, Hollister 122, and Human Resources as appropriate.

Personal Safety Escorts:

Public Safety provides a 24/7 personal safety escort upon request. The Department will dispatch a Police Officer or Community Service Officer to any location on-campus to accompany community members to their destinations on-campus. This service is for personal safety concerns only, and not for convenience (weather, moving items).

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns about Public Safety's escort policy please feel free to call 781-239-5555 or email

The following are the different types of vehicles that my be picking you up.