POW Party Grant Program

How and why are we funding parties?

Thanks to a generous donation by the Bidwell family, Wellness & Prevention Services and Peers on Wellness (POW!) are able to provide funding for food and water at student parties and social events with or without alcohol on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

Eating food and drinking water are proven strategies to reduce risk of harms related to alcohol consumption. The POW Party Grant program encourages students to party safely by providing food and water for their guests at little to no cost.

POW Party Grants are a program of Peers on Wellness (POW!) and Wellness & Prevention Services. In future years, POW Party Grant applicants may be required to complete a social gathering training in order to become eligible for funding.

Instructions for applying

Please submit your funding request at least two weeks before your event date. The funding will subsidize the cost of food and water for your party. The funding cannot be used to purchase alcohol or beverage mixers (including soda, juice, etc.) There is a limit of $8/person, so if you are expecting 10 people, the maximum amount you can request is $80, which also must include tax and any delivery fees and tips. The maximum amount one can request for any party is $250, regardless of how many people are expected.

If approved, you will also receive a “party kit” with POW Party Cups (with standard drink measurements) and plates, napkins, and plasticware (when requested).

The application review committee meets weekly to review applications.

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?  Any undergraduate student, suite, organization/club, or team. POW Party Grant funding is not available for graduate students at this time.

How much money can I get?  There is a limit of $8/person, so if you are expecting 10 people, the maximum amount you can request is $80, which also must include tax and any delivery fees and tips. You will be asked to submit an itemized budget and estimated number of guests. There is a maximum limit of $250 per party, regardless of size.

Can I request funding for my club/org’s events or programs?  No. The POW Party Grant is for actual parties, not events or programs. If you could potentially receive funding from another source (like SGA or Bidwell Thursday Night Series) for your event, it's not appropriate for the POW Party Grant.

Does the POW Party Grant fund food for chapter/club formals?  The POW Party Grant is not intended be the primary funding source for catering at formal events. However, you are encouraged to apply for a POW Party Grant to fund food at your formal's pre-game gathering or after-party.

Does this mean Public Safety will be monitoring my party?  The POW Party Grant will not result in any additional attention from Public Safety. However, Public Safety consistently monitors campus and may become aware of, and monitor, your party as it would regardless of the grant.

Will I be held responsible if the party is busted?  POW Party Grantees will be held to the same policies and consequences for policy violations as non-grantees.

What is in the Party Kit?  POW party cups, paper plates, napkins, and plasticware when requested.

Can I use the money to buy alcohol?  No.

Can I use the money to buy juice, soda, seltzer/tonic water?  No.

Can I still apply for the grant if there will be alcohol at the party?  Yes.

Can I use the money to buy water?  Yes. If there will be alcohol at your party, you must include water in your budget request.

Can I apply for the grant more than once?  Yes. You must fill out a quick evaluation survey in order to be eligible to reapply.

Does the party have to be on a certain day?  Yes, it has to be on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.

Can I apply for this grant for daytime parties?  Yes, if the daytime party is on a Saturday.

Can I apply for this grant for a Sunday party? No. The only exception for a Sunday party is on Super Bowl Sunday.

Can I use the money for this grant for an off-campus event?  No, the grant is for on-campus parties only.

How will you know where the money is spent?  You will work with a Health & Wellness staff member to purchase the food and water using their staff credit card. Students can not borrow the credit card or submit for reimbursement.

How will you know if the food and materials provided are utilized?  We hope you will give us feedback after your party. We will send you the link to a feedback survey to share your experience with the party grant. Completion of the feedback survey is required in order to reapply for the grant in the future.