Carol Atwood


​Carol Atwood is the founder and Managing Director of Spartacus Capital. Ms. Atwood is a successful entrepreneur who is actively involved in creating and participating in ventures that provide superior financial returns through incorporating better social, environmental and governance strategies. She is a recipient of many awards, including “NYC Entrepreneur of the Year” award, which was sponsored by NASDAQ, Kaufmann Foundation, and Ernst and Young.

Ms. Atwood formerly owned and operated TMG, an international marketing company that developed programs for Fortune 500 companies. TMG was named Company of the Year by the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies. Ms. Atwood is on the board of the Calvert Foundation. Calvert Foundation has provided over one billion dollars in lending to global communities since its inception.

Ms. Atwood is also the Chair of the board of directors of King Arthur Flour (KAF), one of the largest flour brands in America. Under the Spartacus Capital umbrella, Ms. Atwood has founded, incubated and seed funded private equity funds such as Tembo Capital. A private equity fund focused on investing in African mining. With over $100m in capital, Tembo can provide meaningful funding to mines that become the core economic drivers for local sustainable community building. Spartacus Capital is currently incubating a private equity fund focused on social impact investing in primarily the US market with a focus on TMT-fintech/banks, health care and opportunistically in energy efficiency.

Ms. Atwood recent​ly served as a board member of IW Financial (IWF), an ESG screening tool for investors. She has previously been on the steering committee of Harvard Kennedy School's Initiative for Responsible Investment (IRI). Finally, due to Ms. Atwood’s personal passion, she is the Chair of the Board for Filmmaker’s Collaborative.