Thought Leadership

Creating Social Value

Creating Social Value: A Guide for Leaders and Change Makers focuses on the motivations of entrepreneurial leaders as they look to activate change within their companies, industries, and value chains, sometimes even through partnerships with their competitors. Such change requires fundamentally new styles of leadership, and we profile the ways these trailblazing innovators generate profits and social value simultaneously.

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Project ROI

The Project ROI research places a rigorous business lens on the value of work in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and beyond, and defines a clear roadmap of essential practices for companies that want to improve the impact and value of their CSR and sustainability performance.

Social Innovation Cases

Studying real-life examples of social innovation help students see how the principles they’re learning in the classroom are put into practice. The Institute for Social Innovation funds the development of Social Innovation Teaching Cases exploring the challenges of developing and running a social impact business.

Online Course

From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Innovation is a self-paced edX course featuring entrepreneurial leaders who share their theories, strategies, and management frameworks for driving new models for business engagement in society.


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Feb 2017: Values, Value, or Politics?
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Nov 2016: Redefining the Purpose of Business from the Inside Out
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