Sustainability Interns

Sustainability Interns

Sustainability interns are paid undergraduate campus leaders who generate, evaluate, and execute new ideas and solutions for sustainability at Babson.

Sustainability Office Hours

Every weekday during the academic year, our Sustainability Interns host Sustainability Open Office Hours.

8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.


The interns help the Babson community to:

  • Connect sustainability activities and programs around campus into a unified program
  • Communicate within the Babson community about sustainability activities on and off campus
  • Help students, staff, and faculty to develop and deploy sustainability projects and programs
  • Track key performance metrics and progress, reporting to external evaluations


Recent Projects and Initiatives

Special projects and initiatives that our Sustainability Interns have worked on include:

  • Good Business Index
  • STARS report for 2022
  • Slash the Trash challenge

Please contact Josh Stevenson if you wish to learn more about these positions.