MBA Courses

The Institute for Social Innovation has developed three graduate-level courses.

Social Design Studio

OIM 7504 – 3 credits

This new experiential studio course offers students a unique opportunity to integrate entrepreneurial leadership with social design and learn by doing as they create and implement solutions to some of the world’s pressing challenges — in partnership with innovative organizational sponsors. Students work collaboratively in teams supported by faculty, mentors, lecturers, and their own self-initiated research. Three sections guide learners through the process of self-discovery, understanding the landscape and potential of social design in business, and hands-on application of the process to a real-world challenge. The mindsets, skillsets, and processes mastered will serve students in creating the future they want throughout their lives. This is a signature learning experience for the updated Intensity Track in Business and Social Innovation.

Taught by: Cheryl Kiser and Cheryl Heller
Credits: 3
Offered: Spring 2023


Leading for Social Value

The role of business in society has significantly shifted. Business leaders increasingly have to meet the challenges and competing demands of "doing well" (economic value), while at the same time "doing good" (social value).

This Leading for Social Value course builds on some of the most current thinking around the design, execution, and assessment of "triple bottom line" leadership strategies. Students will have the opportunity to engage in the focused, in-depth analysis of an array of companies and the multiple ways they address social creation. They will discover what leaders across these organizations are doing and the impact this is having. They will explore the opportunities available to enhance and expand social value creation in a world where the lines between business and society have significantly shifted.


Food Entrepreneurship

The highly experiential intensive Food Entrepreneurship course focuses on the anatomy of the food entrepreneur’s journey from initial idea and course-setting through to meaningful survey of market landscapes into relevant management and supply chain activities. Course materials and assigned readings are drawn from five years of firsthand research in the field. Guest experts and entrepreneurs visiting class will help us to dig deeper into particular questions and dynamics.

Focus will include both internal and external reflection and navigation of challenge and opportunity sets. This course is applicable to students who already have a business idea or venture in development as well as to students who are simply curious about the food industry as a potential career sector.

Taught by: Candy Brush
Offered: spring semester