Quick Service Incubator

Quick Service Incubator

Crowdsourcing ideas with eaters and food entrepreneurs

The Quick Service Incubator is a fast-paced process designed to help a food entrepreneur or organization further an idea or address a challenge. In a nutshell, a person (often a food entrepreneur) pitches a specific challenge to an activated audience, who then small-group ideates and pitches ideas back.

It's an approach that transforms even an eclectic band of total strangers into a powerful engine for accelerating dreams and visions. Participants experience the wisdom and power of a deliberately diverse network to source insights, resources, and solutions.


How it works:

During a full-length Quick Service Incubator session, participants first learn the Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® methodology – a mindset for identifying and framing challenges, navigating uncertainty, and solving problems. They also learn the discipline of framing: how to best frame a problem or challenge to invite ideas and solutions for actionable next steps.

Typically 3-5 participants will be selected to pitch their Challenge Question: one specific idea, problem, challenge, or desire to present to the group.

The full community then has the opportunity to small-group ideate. They “gift” their ideas and resources by writing them down on paper, so the next steps are tangible, specific, and actionable. These gifts can be as simple as an email introduction to a valuable connection, or as grand as an overseas flight. (No exaggeration! It happened.)

What people learn:

At the end of a Quick Service Incubator session, all participants will learn:

  • how to playfully crack open their mind and mindset
  • how any crowd can help them find their next step
  • how to build community across lines and tables


Interested in having us lead a Quick Service Incubator for your food organization? Contact foodsol@babson.edu.