Our Team

The Institute for Social Innovation is truly “a team of teams.”

As social entrepreneur and Ashoka founder Bill Drayton said, “A team is not a team unless everyone is an initiatory player, and in this world you cannot afford to have anyone on your team who is not a changemaker.” We are committed to responding to the changing needs of our learners and society by co-creating with all our stakeholders.

Executive Director

Institute for Social Innovation and Babson Social Innovation Lab

Kristen Yngve

Associate Director, Strategic Engagement

Institute for Social Innovation

Jen MacDonald

Program & Relationship Manager

Institute for Social Innovation

Lisa Thomas

Director, Social Impact

Institute for Social Innovation

Josh Stevenson

Associate Director, Social Impact and Sustainability

Institute for Social Innovation
Laura Wilder

Laura Wilder

Administrative Coordinator

Service & Justice Programs

Our Extended Team

Our interdisciplinary faculty partners and senior fellows bring a wealth of expertise and practice in creating social innovation.

Faculty Director, Institute for Social Innovation

Faculty Director, Integrated Sustainability

Fellow, Social Design & Innovation

Faculty Director, Digital Responsibility

Faculty Director, FutureLab

Fellow, Brand Promise

Fellow, Unapologetic Leadership

Faculty, Inventureships & Consulting

Faculty, Psychological Safety