Intensity Track graduates 2019

Business & Social Innovation Intensity Track

Now more than ever, entrepreneurial leaders and business students need to better understand the changing role of business in today's society. This offering provides resources, networks, skills, and knowledge within the MBA program, allowing our graduates to be relevant, responsive, and proactive to these changes.

In 2017, the Graduate School launched the Business and Social Innovation Intensity Track for MBAs focused on developing the mindset, skills, and competencies needed to create economic and social value simultaneously. This Intensity Track begins to connect students to expanded resources and networks that are valuable in leading social value creation, whether inside a business or in any other domain.

"We are thrilled to offer the Business and Social Innovation Intensity Track designation in our MBA program," says Cheryl Kiser, executive director of the Institute for Social Innovation. "We designed this track for our students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and gain real-world experience in how social impact and innovation are created."

The Business and Social Innovation Intensity Track will emphasize the UN Global Goals as a framework for sustainable economic and social value creation.

Intensity Track Requirements

We encourage you to apply early so the Institute for Social Innovation team can help guide you through the process.

Those interested in applying for this designation should submit an application here. All applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis and students may be contacted for follow-up information. If you have questions about the status of your application or need more information, please contact Jennifer MacDonald.

You do not need to have completed (or even have started) the requirements to apply. On the application, you'll have the opportunity to indicate your intentions for this track.

Complete one Social Innovation Experience:

  • Social Innovation Inventureships
  • Babson Board Fellows Program
  • OIM 7504: Social Design Studio
  • MBA 7502: Future Lab: Mobility Opportunities course* (Fall 2019)
  • MBA 7503: Future Lab: Mobility Innovation course* (Spring 2020)
  • MBA 7506: COVID Sprint* (Summer 2020)
  • EPS 7506: Social Innovation* (Fall 2022)

 * course can fulfill the experiential requirement

To gain a deeper understanding of how values-based leaders are addressing one or more of the UN Global Goals through their businesses, students will write a case with teaching notes about a Meaningful Business 100 leader for publication.

Students must:

  1. Contact to identify a Meaningful Business 100 leader to interview
  2. Complete brief training on writing a case
  3. Conduct a video interview
  4. Write a case with teaching notes for publication

All students must attend at least three Uncommon Table convenings.


Students must read the following two articles and write a short reflection piece:


Optional reading:

Students who have successfully completed the Track requirements can use the "Business and Social Innovation Intensity Track" qualification on their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other personal and professional documents. Students and alumni can work with Grad CCD and the Institute for Social Innovation to communicate this intentional focus more broadly. In addition, MBAs will receive a special designation at Commencement.


Questions about the Business & Social Innovation Intensity Track? Email Jen MacDonald.