Lynnette McIntire

Senior Fellow in Social Innovation

Lynnette McIntire has spent the last 20 years bringing big ideas to corporations for changing the planet and sharing do-able ideas that can inspire others to action. She is convinced that morals, values and social consciousness should lead business strategy.

At logistics giant UPS, she is part of a small leadership team that has established corporate responsibility as a strategic platform and elevated the company’s reputation as a global sustainability leader. Her career also has included leading employee and marketing communications programs in 40 countries for a multinational in Asia, heading up the consumer products practice at an international public relations firm in Bangkok Thailand, and managing scores of reputational crises, issues, mergers and acquisitions.

Her specialties are driving change at large organizations, transforming personal passions into business opportunities, and building credentials-based sustainability programs through stakeholder and employee engagement, thought leadership and strategic communications.

She is a frequent lecturer, blogger and public speaker on the risks and rewards of transparency, the power of passion in business, and using entrepreneurial thinking for corporate change.Lynnette has a B.A. in journalism from the University of Minnesota and lives in Atlanta, GA. She is a member of the Corporate Leadership Forum for Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship.