Driver and Vehicle Use Policy

Adopted: 2006
Updated: 2013
Updated: 2019
Updated: 2021
Effective August 9, 2021

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  1. Purpose
    This policy defines standards of conduct and operation and establishes mandatory training and authorization requirements for employees and students who operate motor vehicles (including golf carts and utility vehicles) while conducting business on behalf of Babson College. The primary goal of the policy is to help prevent accidents, minimize the risk of personal injury and to protect college assets. Babson College may change this policy at any time.
  2. Updates
    The Driver and Vehicle Use Committee shall review and update this policy on a regular basis. In the interim, changes or exceptions may be made by Risk Management in concert with other members of the Driver and Vehicle Use Committee deemed appropriate by Risk Management.
  3. Management
    1. Safety and Management
      Development and maintenance of this policy will be the responsibility of the Driver and Vehicle Use Committee. The Office of Risk Management will oversee the Driver and Vehicle Use Committee, which will be comprised of representatives from the Office of Risk Management, Public Safety Department, Facilities Management and Construction, the Office of Student Engagement, Human Resources, and Athletics. The Driver and Vehicle Use Committee may also consider requests for exceptions to this policy as well as requests for reĀ­ authorization to drive following a revocation or refusal of authorization. Scheduling of fleet vehicles is the responsibility of the Office of Student Engagement, the Athletics Department and Facilities Management and Construction. Vehicle maintenance and safety inspections are the responsibility of the Facilities Management and Construction Department. Human Resources is responsible for ordering and approving the driving records of employees required to drive as a condition of employment. Other than as noted above, the driver authorization process, and the maintenance of the authorized driver list, are the responsibility of the Office of Risk Management. Incident investigation is the responsibility of the Public Safety Department, except in the case of rental vehicles, which will be investigated by Risk Management. Driver safety is the responsibility of every driver.
  4. Authorized Use of College Owned Vehicles
    1. Fleet Vehicles are available for use by academic and administrative personnel, as well as student organizations, for official College business ONLY.
    2. Official College business includes, but is not limited to: facilities maintenance, community service activities, academic class trips or projects, administrative trips, authorized trips by student groups, and travel for intercollegiate athletics.
    3. Personal use of College-owned vehicles is not allowed.
    4. Fleet Vehicles may not be used to provide transportation to other members of the community for a fee.
  5. Driver Authorization
    1. Drivers Subject to the Driver Authorization Process
      1. Drivers of vehicles owned, leased, or rented in the name of the College
      2. Employees required to drive as a requirement of employment
      3. Employees driving personally owned vehicles on behalf of the College
    2. Driver Authorization Process
      1. Summary of the Driver Authorization Process.
    3. Authorization Update
      1. On a tri-annual basis, authorized drivers will be notified for authorization update.
      2. Failure to respond to the reauthorization request will result in removal from the list of authorized drivers. Employees required to drive as a condition of employment (as indicated in their job description) must respond, as failure to do so may result in action by Human Resources.
    4. Notification of Change in License Status.
      1. Any changes in license status in any state must be reported as follows. This includes license expiration, suspension, or revocation for any reason.
      2. All drivers must immediately notify the Public Safety Department
      3. Employees for whom driving is a requirement of employment must report to their department head (or designee), and Human Resources.
      4. Any driver of a College vehicle who has their right to operate suspended or revoked may not drive any vehicle on behalf of the College.
  6. Reservation, Pick-Up and Return of College-Owned and Rental Vehicles
    1. College-Owned Vehicle
      1. Employees who reserve College-owned vehicles for College business must be authorized in accordance with the requirements of the Reservation, Pick-up and Return of College Owned Vehicles policy.
      2. See Reservation, Pick-up and Return of College Owned Vehicles for the process for reserving College-owned vehicles and golf carts.
    2. Rental Vehicles
      1. Employees who rent vehicles for College business must be authorized in accordance with the requirements of this Policy.
        1. Drivers must comply with the College's rental guidelines as outlined in the Babson College Travel Policy.
        2. Reservation, Pick-up and Return of Rental Vehicles
  7. Use of Personal Vehicles
    1. Personal vehicles used for College business should be maintained according to the Manufacturer's recommended standards, have a current state registration, and have a current vehicle inspection sticker.
    2. Vehicles must carry liability insurance with limits that meet minimum requirements for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regardless of where the vehicle is registered.
  8. Vehicle Use
    1. Vehicles used on behalf of the College should be operated according to the Vehicle Use guidelines.
  9. Accidents and Breakdowns
    1. Drivers of vehicles used on behalf of the College must follow these guidelines for Accidents Breakdowns and Repairs.
  10. Insurance and Claims Reporting
    1. See Insurance and Claims Reporting guidelines.
  11.  Non-Compliance/Violations
    1. Noncompliance with or violation of the provisions of this Policy, any other Babson policy, or motor vehicle laws may result in any of the following:
      1. Suspension or cancellation of authorization to operate a Fleet Vehicle
      2. Charges to the operator or appropriate department for expenses incurred as a result of the violation
      3. Disciplinary action in accordance with the Guide to the Student Conduct Process or employment disciplinary guidelines
    2. Examples of Non Compliance and Violations.
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