Accidents Breakdowns and Repairs

  1. Accidents
    1. General
      1. In the event of an accident, passengers should get out of the vehicle and move away from the road, exiting from the side away from traffic if possible.
      2. If another vehicle is involved, the driver and passengers should remain calm and courteous, and acknowledge only facts to the other driver. Do not tell the other driver that you or the College is responsible for the accident. Avoid words like “fault” and “blame.” Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than the police or College officials except to obtain driver, vehicle, insurance carrier and witness information.
    2. Reporting
      1. After any accident, no matter how minor, the driver must immediately notify local police.
      2. Upon return to campus or earlier the Public Safety Department 781-239-5555 and the Risk Manager must be advised of the accident. The driver should get verbal confirmation from the local police that a report will be filed and the local police information (phone, address, reporting officer and report number).
      3. If the accident occurs on campus, the driver must notify the Public Safety Department. The Public Safety Department will then notify the appropriate departments.
      4. Failure to file an accident report with the local police in a timely manner, or to notify the Public Safety Department immediately after the accident, may result in loss of fleet vehicle privileges and other disciplinary action.
    3. Damage
      1. Departments and organizations are responsible for damage to a Fleet Vehicle that occurs due to the fault of the driver. Also, departments and organizations will be charged for damage to a Fleet Vehicle, regardless of fault if the accident is not reported to the Public Safety Department, per section ii above.
      2. The maximum charge for fleet vehicle damage is the deductible limit of the College’s vehicle insurance policy, currently $1,000 (but subject to change), unless the group fails to report the accident to the Public Safety Department within 24 hours. In such cases, the department or organization may be responsible for the entire loss. Departments and organizations have 30 days to pay the deductible or damage costs. If the deductible expense is not paid the department or organization will lose its fleet privileges until the bill is paid.
      3. If damage is found after a department or organization has used a Fleet Vehicle and has not reported it to the Public Safety Department, the department or organization that used the vehicle last will be charged for the vehicle repair.
      4. Damaged vehicles that need to be towed must go to a repair facility designated by the Public Safety Department.
    4. Bodily Injury
      1. In the event of injury, the police and emergency medical assistance must be summoned immediately.
      2. Never move a person who has been injured in an accident, unless threatening conditions are present.
      3. If an injured person is taken from the scene for medical treatment, find out the destination.
      4. Notify the Public Safety Department immediately at 781-239-5555 so that appropriate notifications can be made.
      5. If the driver is injured, they should not drive.
    5. Accident Investigation and Disciplinary Action
      1. The Public Safety Department investigates accidents to determine if there was a violation of the rules and regulations of Babson College and the motor vehicle laws. The investigation is then forwarded to the Office of Risk Management or the Office of Student Conduct for any disciplinary proceedings that may be initiated. Public Safety also investigates reports of near misses, reckless driving, failure to wear seatbelts, and other incidents, and initiates appropriate disciplinary action.
  2. Breakdowns and Repairs
    1. Breakdowns
      1. If a Fleet Vehicle breaks down off campus, the driver should notify the Department of the Public Safety Department at 781-239-5555. Based on the location of the vehicle, the time of day, and the circumstances of the breakdown, the Public Safety Department, will determine what action should be taken.
      2. If a vehicle that has been reserved is not available due to repairs or safety problems, and there are no other Fleet Vehicles available, the group will need to find other transportation.
    2. Repairs
      1. Facilities Management and Planning is responsible for all Babson Fleet Vehicle repairs, with the exception of the Public Safety Department vehicles.
      2. Drivers are not authorized to have repairs made without authorization from the Public Safety Department.
      3. The College will not reimburse drivers for unauthorized repairs.
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