Reservation, Pick-up and Return of College Owned Vehicles

  1. Reservations
    Assuming compliance with the Babson College Driver and Vehicle Use Policy, reservations will be made as follows:
    1. There is a 6-seat golf cart available for reservation by submitting a work order to Facilities Management & Planning through the Babson Portal.
    2. All other reservations, including student organization reservations, may be made on-line through EMS. Contact the Office of Student Engagement at 781-239-4500 with questions.
  2. Pick-Up
    1. A list of passengers must be included on the Pre-Trip Inspection Form.
    2. Vehicle Inspection
      1. Drivers must allow time for and must clear snow and ice from vehicles prior to driving.
      2. Drivers must inspect vehicles prior to beginning their trip.
        1. Note any damage and safety issues, and immediately report such issues to the Public Safety Department.
        2. Vehicles with obvious safety problems must not be used.
        3. The Public Safety Department will report damages to Facilities Management and Planning and Risk Management. For student organizations, Public Safety should also send email reports to Student Engagement.
        4. The Driver must ensure that the vehicle has a full tank of gas.
  3. Return
    1. Upon return of the vehicle, the driver must check for new damage and note any safety issues. Drivers must notify Public Safety immediately of any damage, safety, or mechanical problems.
    2. The cost for new damage, up to the cost of the insurance deductible is the responsibility of the department or organization that used the vehicle.
    3. Damage that is not reported to Public Safety within 24 hours may result in the department being responsible for the full cost of the damage repair.
    4. Drivers must return vehicles in a clean condition. Vehicles that are left dirty will be cleaned and the department or organization that last used the vehicle will be charged.
    5. Fleet vehicles must be returned with a full tank of gas. Vehicles may be filled with gas at Facilities, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. If it is necessary to purchase gas before returning to campus, the driver must use their own resources to do so and seek reimbursement from their organization or department.
    6. Drivers are required to notify Public Safety 781-239-5555 if they are unable to return the vehicle on time.
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