Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a Federal and Commonwealth mandated benefit. The College’s Workers’ Compensation benefits are administered by Human Resources.

Any employee (including student employees) who has sustained a disability or injury due to his/her employment may be entitled to receive these benefits. The injury or disability must be reported to the appropriate parties, including the College’s insurer(s) and the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents.

Reporting a Workers’ Compensation Claim

  • Employees must immediately advise their supervisors of their work related injury or disability.
  • All injuries or illnesses reported or alleged by an employee to be work related must be reported by the supervisor to Human Resources (Jennifer Forbes, 781-239-5224).
  • The supervisor will fill out a Workers’ Compensation First Report of Injury form with the employee’s cooperation. The supervisor must contact Human Resources for the most current copy of this form.
  • If a supervisor is unavailable, please immediately contact Human Resources.
  • All completed forms should be submitted to Human Resources.


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