International SOS

International SOS (ISOS) provides access to travel advice/information and emergency medical and security services to you if you are a Babson College student or an employee traveling on College business or on a College program.

These services are available during the Babson sponsored/approved component of your travel and includes a total of seven days outside of that period.

Please note that while access to information and referrals are free of charge, other services that require an expenditure of funds to another party are offered on a cost basis. In addition, ISOS provides assistance coordinating services in the event of a medical, security (political and natural disaster), or other emergencies.

ISOS is not health insurance and does not cover the cost of medical care. For example, if you are ill and need a referral to a center of medical excellence with English speaking professionals, you may contact ISOS (collect phone call), and they will refer you to the nearest facility, at no charge to you. They also will guarantee the cost of the medical care so you will not have to pay up front in order to receive treatment. However, ISOS will not cover the cost of the medical care provided to you. They will seek reimbursement for any payment made to third parties on your behalf. The College provides limited amounts and types of medical insurance. You must rely on your health insurance, workers compensation if you are an employee or other resources to cover the cost that is not covered by the insurance the College provides. It is your responsibility to confirm with your personal insurance provider that it will respond to medical costs incurred while you are traveling outside of the United States.

Planning International Travel

When planning international travel, it is strongly recommended that you visit the Babson College/ISOS website.

At this site, you can do the following:

Print an ISOS information Card

Keep this card with you at all times while traveling abroad. It has the information necessary to access ISOS services. It also advises others that you are an ISOS member in the event of an emergency in which you are not able to communicate this information.

Create a medical emergency record

The emergency medical record is subject to HIPPA regulations. As such, it is a confidential record to which no one at Babson (other than the traveler and ISOS) will have access. If, while traveling abroad, you experience a medical emergency, ISOS will access and share this information only if necessary, only to medical providers involved in your care, and others with your prior approval.

Download the ISOS Membership App

When you are traveling abroad on college business or programs, you are required to download the ISOS mobile application to your smartphone or other mobile device so that you will be able to access ISOS services on the move, and so that you receive real-time alerts to your smartphone should a security or medical emergency arise in the region in which you are traveling.

Register Your Travel Itinerary

Click on the My Trips tab to create an account and a travel profile. This will allow you to email your travel itinerary to ISOS.

Risk Management coordinates the plan with ISOS. Contact Risk Management if you have questions or if you need a proof of coverage letter.


The Risk Management Office supports the core mission of Babson College by protecting the assets of the College from accidental loss, and assuring the continued ability to operate and deliver services.

The Office establishes and implements risk management policies and procedures by identifying and managing the College's exposures to accidental loss.

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